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BREAKING: Terror attack with machete in Calgary Mall

There was a heavy police presence at the Marlborough Mall in Calgary  this afternoon, a man carrying out a machete attack was shot by police and has been transported to hospital.  EMS on the scene said a police officers was taken to Foothills Hospital in stable condition.  At this time… Keep Reading


Woman pointing rifle sparks fear of ISIS attack

In the middle of a growing fear that has been provoked among the world’s population, but more specifically in Europe, due to the big, consecutive waves of attacks that ISIS has thrown in various countries that form the continent.Last September 15th happened an event that makes clear the constant fear… Keep Reading


Muslims assault women and children in South France

France one again was at the receiving end of Muslim aggression as two friends and children were subjected to harassment by dozens of Islamist extremists in the eastern part of Toulon. The violent behavior was attributed to the shots worn by the victims. Women were called names such as sluts… Keep Reading

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