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Justin Trudeau protects ISIS, says they are NOT wrong

Another statement by the PM Justin Trudeau “Canadians are quick to point out that ISIS is wrong, that Islam is not incompatible with the Western secular democracy, a free place like Canada.” Trudeau has been known to protect ISIS by funding them and making statements like that, he approved $1.3 billion to be… Keep Reading


Legal terrorists training camps in Canada and USA

There’s Muslims military training camps in Ontario and US, the FBI’s reaction to them is those people have rights to run these legal “no go zones” military training camps, “they have constitutional rights” These camps are are mostly hidden in wooded areas in the mountains where there’s little police activity,… Keep Reading


Ontario Man who raped and murdered teen girl is RELEASED

Thirty-one years ago, teenager Heather Fraser was brutally raped and murdered by a 17-year-old man who was charged with first-degree murder as an adult, the man, James Harold Giff from Smith Falls Ontario spent 31 years behind bars has been given parole. He was granted full parole on July 7,… Keep Reading

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Calgary couples charged after 5-year-old boy dies

Five year old Eneas Emilio Perdomo died after a week in a Calgary hospital after suffering injuries to his head back in the summer of 2015, the boy suffering several blunt force trauma injuries to his head. A report from CTV: Calgary police have laid charges against a couple who investigators believe… Keep Reading

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