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ISIS Destroyed An Assyrian Church In Iraq

The Islamic State has destroyed a church in Karmlis, a city near Mosul, Iraq. They set charges in the building which is adjoining multiple Assyrian churches and heritage sites in the Nineveh Governorate. The detonated the devices on a Sunday afternoon and completely destroyed the church. The destruction of this… Keep Reading


Muslim Leader Says You Can Have Sex With 1-Year-old

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mub’i, a Saudi marriage officiate declared that a girl can be married at the age of one if sex is postponed. In an interview aired on LBC TV in June, he advised following the example set by the Prophet Mohammed, who married a six year old girl Aisha… Keep Reading


Hillary Clinton Wants To Drone Julian Assange

According to recent reports, Hillary Clinton who is the presidential candidate wishes to drone Julian Assange. As per the True Pundit, the state department was under tremendous pressure before Wikileaks was released because it has around 250, 000 cables initiated from the year 1966 to 2010. In support of the… Keep Reading


Islamic migrants gang rape mother of three in the UK  

Even Quran has sanctioned the rape and molestation of nonbeliever girls. In 4:3, 4:24, 33:50 lines, it is mentioned that enslaving the infidels is the divine right of every Muslim and Allah would absolve them of any wrongdoing. Towing the same line, Six Iraqi, Syrian and Bahrain immigrants abducted and… Keep Reading

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