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Zuckerberg fails to answer why they keep banning conservative pages

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Senator Ted Cruz asked why Facebook is blocking conservative pages, he failed to answer, watch below and share. Sen. Cruz Questions Mark Zuckerberg on Alleged Political Bias at Facebook Today I questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s past censorship of conservative groups. I asked if the same actions had…

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Cenovus President and CEO issues statement directed at Trudeau

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Cenovus President & Chief Executive Officer Alex Pourbaix issued the following statement after Kinder Morgan halted operations. Our President & Chief Executive Officer Alex Pourbaix issued the following statement today about Kinder Morgan Inc.’s decision to halt non-essential work on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion: “It is time for the…

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620,000 Canadians affected by Facebook data breach may receive $19,500 compensation each

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Are you one of the 620,000 Canadians affected by the Facebook data breach? You could be compensated $19,500 CAD according to new reports. Via FNP: [smb] If your data was harvested through Facebook you could get £12,500 compensation, according to an expert. The social network has come under fire after…

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‘Time-traveller’ who passed lie detector test says Trudeau will win another term and completely ruin Canada

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Are you ready for another term in Canada by a liberal government? I’m not and I’m sure our future generation isn’t. Actually, the headline is false, but parts of the story is true, the person in this story didn’t say anything about Trudeau, he did say however that Donald Trump…

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FLIPPING OUT: Earth ‘under ATTACK from within’ and could face ‘BLACKOUTS for DECADES’ as the poles flip

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PARTS of the Earth could be “uninhabitable” due to pronounced exposure to solar radiation if the world’s north and south magnetic poles shift, leaving citizens facing a “domino run of blackouts lasting decades”, it has been claimed. By JOSEPH CAREY Science author Alanna Mitchell has delivered the stark warning in…

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Guess what liberals are calling the Dutch Christians who don’t want their children to visit mosques on school trips

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A new study of a Dutch religious education organisation (Verus) says that 40% of Christian schools are regularly visiting mosques. The study was done after several parents complained about mosque visits for their children. Spokesman Robbert Jan de Vries of Verus, says that “it looked interesting to do research of…

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