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Muslim Prayer Booth With 5 Paid Breaks On Trudeau Approved Pipeline Work

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The Trudeau government brags about the two pipelines they approved since early 2016. Many people don’t know that within these approval conditions oil companies must hire a certain number of foreigners to help with the construction.  Foreigners include a large percentage of inexperienced Muslim construction workers from middle eastern countries,…

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Trudeau: “We’re committed to helping Italians rebuild their homes and towns”

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Justin Trudeau announced Canadian taxpayers will send money to Italy to rebuild their economy.  We’re committed to helping Italians rebuild their homes and towns – that’s why we’ll match donations to the Italy Earthquake Relief Fund. — Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) May 12, 2017

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Clean Harbors Buys Lonestar West Inc For $44.1 Million

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Clean Harbors has announced it will buy Lonestar West Inc shares in a cash deal of $44.1 million. Lonestar West has a variety of Hydrovacs, Vac-trucks, and water trucks servicing pipeline and oilfield construction jobs throughout Alberta.  From MW: Under the terms of the agreement, Lonestar shareholders will receive CAD…

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The Time is Right for Canada to Build-Up a Large Military

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Harjit Sajjan, the Defence Minister of Canada has lost all credibility, after lying repeatedly for being the ‘architect’ for Operation Medusa. He spoke about Canada’s Defence Policy Review, and staying true to his pattern for deceiving people, he blamed the military woes of Canada on the last government. This comes…

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