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Canada’s party for Trump: Poutine, salmon, and a reduced bill for taxpayers

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WASHINGTON — As the Canadian government prepares its quadrennial U.S. presidential inauguration bash at its embassy on Pennsylvania Avenue, this year’s menu plans include poutine, salmon, beef, tourtiere — and a reduced bill for taxpayers. The government hopes to have companies foot the full cost for this year’s festivities, unlike…

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Trudeau says Canadians will pay if Trump backs away from Climate Change

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Trudeau: “Canada Will Capitalize If Trump Backsteps On Climate Change” The Canadian Liberal Party, in general, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in particular, has a habit of living in an alternate reality. Instead of acknowledging oncoming challenges and making a strategy to meet those challenges, he prefers to live in…

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Why Hasn’t Trudeau Condemned the UN’s Unfair Treatment of Israel?

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As Barack Obama was preparing to leave the office, he made a final and quite immature gesture against Israel by abstaining from voting against a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution condemning Israel’s settlements on the West Bank. Most of the western states, including even the American president-elect Donald Trump,…

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