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Why Hasn’t Trudeau Condemned the UN’s Unfair Treatment of Israel?

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As Barack Obama was preparing to leave the office, he made a final and quite immature gesture against Israel by abstaining from voting against a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution condemning Israel’s settlements on the West Bank. Most of the western states, including even the American president-elect Donald Trump,…

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Boeing CEO says he’ll build Air force One in less than $ 4 billion for Donald Trump

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Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg met with President-elect Donald Trump and praised him for his business minded approach. Muilenburg says that he will build the new Air Force One for president-elect Donald Trump for less than $ 4 billion. Earlier this month, Donald Trump tweeted, criticizing the production cost of a…

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Trump Sticks to His Muslim Ban Proposal Post Berlin Attack

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When Donald Trump proposed a temporary ban on the American Muslim immigration during his campaign, the whole world was up in arms against his so-called “insensitive” proposal. “It isn’t realistically possible,” claimed some. “It’s not politically correct,” cried others. After the elections, however, people began to cast doubts on whether…

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