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McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut say no to request to offer halal meat…AND MUSLIMS ARE PISSED

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Mufti Muhammad ArshadMcDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut say no to imam’s request to offer Islamic-certified meat, despite his claim it would be shrewd business. Hong Kong’s three biggest fast-food chains have rejected a call by Hong Kong’s chief imam to offer halal meat in their restaurants. Mufti Muhammad Arshad contacted…

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Muslims In Germany Take 19 Year Old Pregnant Girl, Stab Her In The Stomach, Then Cover Her Entire Body In Gasoline, Set Her On Fire, And Watch Her Slowly Burn To Death

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Two Muslim Turks in Berlin, Germany, took a pregnant 19 year old girl named Maria, stabbed her in the stomach, then covered her whole body in gasoline, set her on fire and watched her burn to death. They then covered her charcoaled body with leaves and left. I did a…

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Europe is creating multi-cultural toilets to prevent Muslims from doing this disgusting thing they have been doing all over the continent

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German bathroom manufacturers are developing “multicultural toilets” to help ensure Middle Eastern migrants need not adapt to European sanitation norms. Multiple reports have emerged of recent arrivals finding themselves utterly “mystified” by Western loos. Some have resorted to doing their business on the floor or outdoors, others have used showers,…

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Via In last two months, several earthquakes jolted various parts of Nepal, China, India, Indonesia and Japan. Nepal was badly hit by earthquake that claimed thousands of lives. Several aftershocks also rattled the Kingdom nation and other South Asian countries. While scientists were looking to find the answers for…

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