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Low Oil Prices? Doesn’t Matter! Oil Companies Are Still Keen On Buying Rigs

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The recent drop in oil prices has wreaked havoc in the economic sphere. As the prices continue to fall, businesses are being closed down, entire provinces are plunging deeper into recession, and unemployment is increasing every single day. As many oil companies cut down their operations and limit their activity,…

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Putin says every Islamist will die within a half hour if they bomb Russia 

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Vladimar Putin is supposedly mounting a gigantic military mission to take control of the Islamic State’s fortresses in Raqqa. This is the self declared capital of Islamic state aggressors. Putin is set to assemble 1,50,000 reservists for a noteworthy military operation against ISIS. After the paris assault Putin told UK…

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Why Trudeau and Obama Should Learn a Thing (or Two) from Vladmir Putin on ISIS, Syria and the Assad Regime

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Do you want to known the problem with liberals? Liberals ignore reality when they are unable to change it, and then when it doesn’t go away, they complain that it’s the conservatives fault. Well, let’s just see whose fault it is really. It pains Americans and Canadians to admit it,…

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