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And another illegal action of the JIHADIST JUSTIN and the Corrupt Liberals becomes evident…. We all know that JIHADIST JUSTIN converted to Islam. We all know he doesn’t care about non-Muslims. We know that he is trying to impress the Corrupt UN so he can be one of those psychopathic… … Keep Reading


BREAKING: Lauren Southern Makes Huge Announcement 

The famous Canadian conservative commentator has made a move to leave  Southern didn’t say why she left the rebel but said she doesn’t want her content to be filtered, for now she will be posting from her own YouTube channel, watch the video below for her official announcement.  … Keep Reading


Why is Child Care Such a Challenge for Canada?

This is a disturbing fact of living in a Welfare State such as Canada, but despite plenty of provincial initiatives, the country is yet to see the introduction of a high quality child care program. What’s even more difficult to believe that even in a country like Canada, child care… … Keep Reading


More Refugees – Coming Soon to Canada Near You!

When it comes to Canada’s refugee intake, the Trudeau Administration seems to be taking things cool – perhaps too cool. Not too long ago, images of Mounties helping asylum seekers sneak into Canada emerged, which in reality is a tip of the iceberg. If important issues such as the lax… … Keep Reading

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Canadian Hearing Society on Strike

It looks like that PM Trudeau has fallen behind in winning the hearts of public employees after making the promise to increase wages and not standing up to it. Workers form Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) in Hamilton walked out on their jobs when contract talks were halted. The staff members… … Keep Reading

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