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Oil falls 4 percent; U.S. crude draw seen as glitch

Scott DiSavino NEW YORK (Reuters) – Oil prices fell 4 percent on Friday, paring most of the previous session’s rise as traders noted that a tropical storm was behind this week’s unexpected slump in U.S. crude inventories. The market ended up around 3 percent, its first gain in three weeks.… … Keep Reading

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POLL: Is Trudeau doing a good job so far?

UPDATE: After 1,000’s of votes, people question why it’s so lopsided, we DON’T target anyone to take our poll, our poll is shared via Facebook and Twitter organically, only one vote per IP address is allowed. We don’t have stats about the people are who take this poll, but we have stats from… … Keep Reading

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Free for all in Canada for low-skilled refugees

Canadian Government is besotted with liberalism to such an extent that it has allowed the intake of a large number of low-skilled immigrants in spite of long recession in the country. According to experts, the unemployment rate has already touched 7% with no respite for the future. The new arrivals… … Keep Reading


Muslims assault women and children in South France

France one again was at the receiving end of Muslim aggression as two friends and children were subjected to harassment by dozens of Islamist extremists in the eastern part of Toulon. The violent behavior was attributed to the shots worn by the victims. Women were called names such as sluts… … Keep Reading

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Trudeau scores a big fat ZERO on economic front

The magic wheels of Prime Minister Trudeau are coming to a grinding halt as the Canadian economy flounders even with the proposed fiscal stimulus. Liberals claiming to steer the country from the darker eras of Harper are now in a fix as even the inclusion of child benefits in the… … Keep Reading


Sharia law 59 to be bulldozed in Canada

Mollycoddling with religious fanatics is a dangerous but tempting option for the modern day Politicians. The latest example is Quebec where the Premier Philippe Couillard has introduced a bill in the parliament criminalizing the criticism of Islam. It seems that the ruling class has decided to make Canada an Islamic… … Keep Reading


Muslims trolled by city manager on 9/11 memorial

Who could have thought that a seemingly innocuous 9/11 memorial in the remote town of Owego could become a center of controversy? Everything started with the word Islamic terrorist that was enshrined in the homage paid to the thousands of life lost on that fateful day. An Islamic organization located… … Keep Reading

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