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Trump Will Lead the US to Victory in Trade War with China

China is afraid of Donald Trump. The president-elect of the United States has been known to speak against America’s largest trading partner throughout his campaign. Trump believes that the US should be more guarded when it comes to China. He thinks that the US is currently getting less out of… … Keep Reading


Trudeau Will Be Investigated Like Never Before

It’s happening. For the first time, since he was elected in 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to face a formal investigation against a potential violation of the Conflict of Interest Act by the federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. Mary Dawson, the ethics commissioner, was having a… … Keep Reading


Saskatchewan Is On Track to Eliminate Deficit Entirely

The 2018 financial crisis hit the Canadian economy like a ton of bricks. And it has been a difficult journey for some of the country’s biggest provinces to recover from the effects of the crisis. None of the provinces have been able to recover completely. But some of them are… … Keep Reading


Is Kevin O’Leary The Canadian Trump Effect?

A few years ago, the idea of Kevin O’Leary in a political election campaign would have been impossible, even laughable for some. But no one is laughing now. The billionaire businessman and popular television celebrity is one of the strongest candidates in the race for the leadership of the Progressive… … Keep Reading


Does Canada Really Need NATO If America Leaves?

Do we really need a Cold War military alliance in the post-9/11 era? This is a question that has become much more critical in the public discourse since Donald Trump raised it in his presidential campaign. Now that Trump is on his way to finally occupying the one of the… … Keep Reading

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