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Here Are Some Of Trudeau’s Biggest F**k Ups Of 2016

Let’s discuss the mistakes that Justin Trudeau made during the previous year which, let’s be honest, could have been avoided with a little bit of effort:   Not showing up for Question Periods   A prime minister who does not show up for question periods? What is the use of… … Keep Reading


What makes Kathleen Wynne so unpopular

You may walk around Ontario asking people if they like Kathleen Wynne or not. A surprising 90% of the people you ask this question to, will say they do not. So what exactly is the reason behind people hating the Premiere of Ontario so much? It is a baffling question… … Keep Reading


Trump shoots down Obama’s statement of victory

In a recent interview, President Barack Obama stated that he was sure that he could have won the election for a third term if it was permitted by the constitution. Although he has the right to say whatever he wants, Donald Trump expressed his disagreement about this statement. Donald Trump… … Keep Reading

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