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Trudeau should resign and go live in Cuba or Syria

The Canadian Prime Minister has made Canada the laughing target of the world once again by showing “deep sorrows” on behalf of all Canadians after the former dictator Cuban President Fidel Castro died at the age of 90. Most leaders like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and even Brian Jean don’t… … Keep Reading

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Justin Trudeau proves his dictatorship 

Justin Trudeau missed his chance to stand with freedom, instead he choose to stand with a dictator said Kelly Leitch.  Trudeau had a chance to stand for freedom and human dignity today and instead stood with a brutal dictator. #castro — Kellie Leitch (@KellieLeitch) November 26, 2016 This is… … Keep Reading

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Kathleen Wynne Admits She Fu**ed Up

Kathleen Wynne has the lowest approval ratings of any premier in history, her high energy and electricity prices put on Ontarians are her fault. It’s a big mistake, it’s a mistake that cost Ontario millions, people who used to pay $100 a month for electricity now receive bills for $1700… … Keep Reading

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