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Billionaire Bill Gates Optimistic on Trump Led Government

Speaking to the media recently, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that Donald Trump has the opportunity to develop American leadership through innovation. Gates, the richest man in the world went a step further saying that President-elect Trump now has a similar opportunity to that of John F. Kennedy in the… … Keep Reading


BREAKING: Canadian Woman Killed In Terrorist Attack

Four gunmen stormed into a ancient castle popular with tourists in the city of Karak, Jordan after firing at police.  Reports have confirmed ten people have been killed, including a Canadian woman and 34 wounded.  From USA today: The killing of the Canadian tourist could further hurt Jordan’s embattled tourism… … Keep Reading


Rachel Notley Should Not Have Told Us to ‘Take a Bus’

What’s the difference between good leaders and phonies? Good leaders lead by example. They inspire people with their generosity, like Mandela, or impress them with their courage, like Martin Luther King. What they don’t do is ask people to do something they’re not willing to do themselves. That’s what differentiates… … Keep Reading


Nice Hair But No Brains, Where Did Trudeau Go Wrong?

A recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute found that Justin Trudeau’s popularity rating is at its lowest point since he began his election campaign. His disapproval ratings went up 11 points in the last three months alone. This trend is not new. Last month, an IPSOS poll showed that… … Keep Reading

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