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Liberals Spending As Much As They Criticized the Conservatives About

Before the liberals took office, there were many accusations made by them regarding the extravagance of the conservative leaders. The criticism was mainly based on the facilities that the conservative party used, through taxpayers’ money. Today, it seems like the same frugal liberals have forgotten their accusations behind. They seem… … Keep Reading

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BREAKING: Muslim stabs priest and tries to BLOW UP church

Another attack against religion, Muslim stabs a priest in Indonesia during a church service, Muslim teach their young to kill all dis-believers, police say it’s a failed suicide attack, watch below. From the Express UK: Priest Albert Pandiangan was holding a service in Indonesia when the attacker struck. Eyewitnesses… … Keep Reading

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How can Trudeau be so STUPID??

In a letter released Thursday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared poverty “sexist.” Yes, poverty – the thing where you lack money, also the thing that any gender can experience. Lauren Southern from the Rebel nails Trudeau hard on his idiotic comments, watch below. … Keep Reading

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