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The US Is Ready For A Huge Battle With ISIS In Iraq

As American and Iraqi troops get ready to reclaim Mosul from Islamic State, Obama’s administration says that this is the last hurdle before they can declare victory against Sunni militancy at least in Iraq. But, there are a few humanitarian aid groups and former officials who are worried that Obama… … Keep Reading

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Right-Wing Leader In Germany Compares Migrant With Compost

Politicians all over Germany condemned the Alternative für Deutschland party’s leader for a comment made earlier in the week comparing migrants with compost. Dismissing any notion of migrants making German society diverse, Frauke Petry compared the colorful campaign with a colorful heap of compost. Petry was greeted with thunderous applause… … Keep Reading


Justin Trudeau isn’t Your Friend, here’s proof

Justin Trudeau was in the audience when The Tragically Hip played their last concert in Ontario recently. He had tweeted a photo of himself hugging Gord Downie, the lead singer too. Trudeau had sold himself as a candidate who was against austerity and promised a number of social measures including… … Keep Reading


It’s Time Kathleen Wynne Retired

Would the Liberals in Ontario be able to win without Wynne? There poll numbers are really low right now. But polls say that all they need is a new face, and they should be able to bring an edge back to the party. If Kathleen Wynne quit and let someone… … Keep Reading


Trudeau plans to change immigration laws to protect Monsef

Every country has its own laws when it comes to giving citizenship to the people. If anyone is found violating the laws or providing wrong information for the citizenship, strict action is taken against them. Recently a similar case took place in Canada where a person called Maryam Monsef is… … Keep Reading

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