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More Refugees – Coming Soon to Canada Near You!

When it comes to Canada’s refugee intake, the Trudeau Administration seems to be taking things cool – perhaps too cool. Not too long ago, images of Mounties helping asylum seekers sneak into Canada emerged, which in reality is a tip of the iceberg. If important issues such as the lax… … Keep Reading

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Canadian Hearing Society on Strike

It looks like that PM Trudeau has fallen behind in winning the hearts of public employees after making the promise to increase wages and not standing up to it. Workers form Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) in Hamilton walked out on their jobs when contract talks were halted. The staff members… … Keep Reading


Rejection Rate of Canadians Rises On the U.S. Border

What was heard as a rumor about Canadians being rejected at the U.S. border has taken an alarming turn as statistics show that Canadian visitors were and are indeed being turned away from the border. John Kelly, Secretary of U.S. Homeland Security met with PM Trudeau on Friday, 10th March… … Keep Reading


Canada Objects to Liam Neeson’s Canadian Action Movie

Since “Taken”, people have been waiting quite long for a movie where Liam Neeson takes the bad guys on in action packed way. Their wait is finally over because “Hard Power” is in production. Though people are excited about the movie, some are trying very hard to stop the movie… … Keep Reading

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