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Unlike Trump, Justin Trudeau is WRONG about terrorism

When it comes to combating terrorism, no two people can stand further apart than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trudeau favors inviting more Syrian refugees to settle in Canada despite the increasingly worsening immigrant situation in Europe and America. Trump calls for temporary bans and… … Keep Reading


Jihadists trick mother into eating her OWN SON

This story is beyond sick and the worst I have ever stumbled across, this was published by a few major news sources back in March 2015, including the New York Post. This story inspired me to create Canada First, we try and publish news the liberal funded media won’t tell… … Keep Reading

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100% of all rapes are committed by Muslims in…

The left claims that not all rape crimes are committed by Muslims, that’s not the case in Norway.  Norway has a population of just over five million, there’s only around 150,000 Muslims in Norway, mostly recent immigrants from Sharia Law countries, reports show that 100% of all rape crimes in… … Keep Reading

Still image shows shows airstrikes carried out by Russian air force in Syria HANDOUT

Russia bombs Syrian militants from Iran base for first time

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian bombers based in Iran on Tuesday struck militant targets inside Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry said, after Moscow deployed Russian aircraft to an Iranian air force base to widen its campaign in Syria. The ministry said the strikes, by Tupolev-22M3 long-range bombers and Sukhoi-34 fighter bombers,… … Keep Reading

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