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TRUMPCARE: Donald Trump’s Healthcare Plan Explained

One of the first things President-elect Donald J. Trump has promised as soon as he takes over the White House is that he will repeal Obamacare and smash it to bits on his first day in office. It’s a bold promise. But will he be able to deliver? And, most… … Keep Reading


Winnipeg police to implement new mental health training program

Winnipeg police department has decided to give its officers special mental health training. Over the next two years, all members of the Winnipeg Police service will receive training in how to de-escalate crisis situation and better deal with mental illness. This Wednesday, the members of the police department were shown… … Keep Reading


Did Justin Trudeau Breach the Conflict of Interest Act?

Our dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is finding himself in hot waters yet again. But this time it’s serious. This time, it’s for a potential violation of federal law. According to the Ethics Commissioner of Canada, the Prime Minister may have violated the Conflict of Interest Act by attending a… … Keep Reading


Watch as Trudeau wants to FIGHT Brad Wall

Trudeau just can’t respond like an adult can he?  Trudeau hits a wall as Sask. Brad Wall stands up for Canada as the majority of Canadians oppose the new carbon tax by the federal government.  Watch the exchange below, I can’t confirm what happened after the video ended, but Trudeau’s… … Keep Reading

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