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Canadian Trump Protesters Are F**king Morons

Canadian YouTuber Andywarski says every Canadian who protests the new president in Canada is a f**king idiot and moron, why would you hold a sign saying “Not my President” if you have a Canadian citizenship? Here’s a reality check, Donald Trump is NOT your president if you’re from Canada, IDIOT, so here’s… … Keep Reading

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Birth Control Sales Skyrocket After Trump’s Win

Isn’t it amazing how one man can move so many people? So much that even birth control sales have skyrocketed? Many women have been influenced to go on birth control by new president elect Donald Trump’s promise to repeal and replace the failed Obamacare system, where Obama has made insurance… … Keep Reading


VIDEO: Trump on Presidential Salary “I won’t take even $1”

Are you wondering what Donald Trump will accept his salary as President? Here’s some quotes from this CBS article. “The first thing I’m going to do is tell you that if I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary, OK?” Trump said. “That’s not a big deal for me.” “As far as… … Keep Reading

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