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President Barack Obama’s Brother Endorses Trump-Ouchi!

Over the past few months there have been a list of notable political endorsements for the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, some more notable than others who have voiced their support for the man who’s known for speaking his mind, but none have been more notable than Malik Obama. If… … Keep Reading


Look Out Hillary! Trump’s on the Offense…Again

Donald Trump has faced some stinging criticism during his presidential campaign, but as November grows near, the attacks on each other from both parties are nearing their boiling point. While most of the news coverage follows the unique and interesting was that Trump bashes his opponents, the Democrats have shown… … Keep Reading

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No Space for Hatred and Bigotry in Sports. Or Is There?

The Rio Olympics are in full swing and athletes from around the world are vying for the glory that comes along with winning an Olympic gold medal. The games bring people from around the world together despite the differences in their beliefs. They celebrate athletic excellence while promoting friendship and… … Keep Reading

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