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Liberal-Backed Bill Comes Back To Haunt Trudeau

The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act that was introduced by the Liberals in 2013 was aimed at the prevention of information gathered by genetic testing for the denying of issues such as employment, health insurance, child custody and a few other legal areas. Under the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, violators of the law… … Keep Reading

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Anti Establishment Sentiment Growing in Canada

Anti establishment sentiment in Canada is at a record high according to a recent poll. This comes as no surprise since Canadians have had to sit back and witness a populist Liberal government, promising to create jobs while beating the drum of law and order has repeatedly failed the Canadian… … Keep Reading


Canadian Photographer Posts Explicit Images Online

It seems that despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts on offering women freedom of expression and certain rights, people in Canada themselves are not too keen to follow in his footsteps. Well, why would they when PM Trudeau’s promises have fallen short. A man named Ren Bostelaar is apologizing on… … Keep Reading


Trudeau Only Wants To Work Four Days A Week

Things are heating up in the House of Commons and PM Trudeau is in the middle of it. On Monday, Candice Bergen, the Conservative House Leader wanted PM Trudeau to promise that no changes would be made to meeting days and times unless all the parties were in agreement. Deflecting… … Keep Reading

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