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Justin Trudeau protects ISIS, says they are NOT wrong

Another statement by the PM Justin Trudeau “Canadians are quick to point out that ISIS is wrong, that Islam is not incompatible with the Western secular democracy, a free place like Canada.” Trudeau has been known to protect ISIS by funding them and making statements like that, he approved $1.3 billion to be… … Keep Reading


Trudeau shows photo of Sophie breastfeeding their youngest son to the world 

Justin Trudeau made the headlines yesterday when he tweeted his support in breastfeeding your child anywhere and anytime.  This World Breastfeeding Week, let's support mothers to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. – SGT #WBW2016 — Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) August 6, 2016 Trudeau has confirmed the picture was his wife Sophie feeding… … Keep Reading


How Great is Canada (vs. the U.S.) Exactly?

America (along with the rest of the world) thinks of Canada as a polite, less stressed cousin everybody assumes is probably in denial or high. How else can anybody be that happy? But the notion that The Great White North is actually a frozen cultural wasteland bereft of all things… … Keep Reading

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Clint Eastwood Gets Heat for Defending Trump

Hollywood royalty, and tough-as-nails badass Clint Eastwood pretty much hit the nail on the head with his recent statement on the current political scenario in the US. The man known for asking punks if they feel lucky sat down for an interview with Esquire recently, where he talked about is upcoming… … Keep Reading

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