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Justin Trudeau looking to screw over the middle class

Trudeau and the liberal government claim to lower taxes for the middle class, however, there’s more to that, carbon prices and new green energy costs will cost more for Canadians, and especially more for the middle class. Green energy programs have already caused poverty in Ontario, premier Kathleen Wynne has… … Keep Reading


Trudeau Ready Talks Business with Auto Parts Manufacturers

Recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with representatives of auto part manufacturers to discuss about North American trade deals and the newly elected Trump Administration. The meeting was held at the head office of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association in Toronto, where major companies such as Martinrea International, Magna International… … Keep Reading


MP Kellie Leitch’s New Video Sparks Controversy

Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch is known for her strong sentiments on immigration policy. Recently, Leitch has released a video in the hopes of giving the public a better idea of her immigration policy, which she sees as misconstrued by the media. What was supposed to be a short video… … Keep Reading


Liberals Blamed for Playing Favourites

The former immigration minister John McCallum stepped down recently to start his life as a diplomat. His sudden exit left a vacuum which needed to be filled. One leading candidate for the vacant position is Juanita Nathan, a school board trustee from Markham-Thornhill. Nathan has recently accused the Liberals of… … Keep Reading


Carbon Tax Still a Debatable Topic amongst the Tories

With the Conservative leadership debates kicking into high gear, nine of the fourteen candidates debated this Sunday in British Columbia. Among the topics discussed, there was healthcare, job creation, Islamophobia and what is the best way to deal with the immigration ban put by President Donald Trump. The format of… … Keep Reading


Protests against Trudeau’s Retreat on Electoral Reform

Montreal saw a crowd of people gathered in protest at the Jarry Metro Station at 2 PM. The protesters had gathered in light of the recent decry by the Prime Minister about not going forward with the electoral reforms. The organizers of the protest invited members of the federal party… … Keep Reading

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