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Muslim Leader Says You Can Have Sex With 1-Year-old

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mub’i, a Saudi marriage officiate declared that a girl can be married at the age of one if sex is postponed. In an interview aired on LBC TV in June, he advised following the example set by the Prophet Mohammed, who married a six year old girl Aisha… … Keep Reading


Turkey Says 38 Fighters Killed In Syria

The death toll because of the explosion of a car bomb in Turkey is now at 17 according to the latest report from the office of the provincial governor. Apart from this, 27 others, including 11 soldiers have also been wounded. Turkey suspects the blast was caused by militants who… … Keep Reading


Jihadists Are Suspected Of Attacking Nigerian Refugee Camps

Authorities in Nigeria suspect jihadists are behind an attack which led to the death of 20 people in a refugee camp in Malian in the Tassara commune of Niger. Most of the people who were killed are Nigerian soldiers. There were forty assailants who were presumably from Islamic Maghreb’s Al-Qaeda.… … Keep Reading


Jamie Oliver Wants Justin Trudeau To Fight Childhood Obesity

Jamie Oliver, food activist and celebrity chef, who is currently in Canada promoting his new cookbook, says that he hopes he will get to have a meeting with the Prime Minister of the country, Justin Trudeau, during his visit. Oliver said that he spoke to Trudeau about marketing unhealthy foods… … Keep Reading


Former ISIS Captive Now Tracks Jihadists In Germany

Masoud Aqil had been imprisoned for nine months by ISIS where he was tortured, beaten, and threatened with execution for being a journalist. He is safely in Germany now and is helping the authorities track anyone with links to ISIS a group who destroyed his life and killed his friends… … Keep Reading

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