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Carbon Tax in a Trump Era: Will It Work?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that the environment and the economy go hand in hand. But, after the election of Donald Trump, his faith should falter a bit. If it doesn’t, then Trudeau is truly delusional. Trump is a notorious skeptic when it comes to the environment. He is known… … Keep Reading

Canada PM

The Future of US-Canada Trade Relations

Donald Trump is in the White House now. And with election to America’s highest office, there would be a big change in the status quo as far as trade is concerned. In his inauguration speech, the President indicated that there would follow the “America First” and “American First” policy about… … Keep Reading


CBC Hopes Millions Of Americans Die Under Trump

What happens if a country fails? It becomes a third world and war torn country like Syria.  A failing government would allow terrorists to enter the country by thousands and turn that country into a blood pool by killing millions of people.  CBC hopes just that.  In their opinion piece… … Keep Reading


Watchdog group said they will sue President Donald Trump!

A legal group of watchdog says they will file the lawsuit claiming that the President Donald is violating rules of Constitution by permitting the businesses to take payments from the foreign governments. This group says that he is violating the clause in a Constitution which prohibits their businesses from getting… … Keep Reading

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