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WATCH: Justin Trudeau at Vancouver Pride Parade

This is the second Pride Parade Justin Trudeau has attended as Prime Minister, the The 38th annual Vancouver Pride Parade attracted 500,000 people to downtown Vancouver, Justin Trudeau promised promised to go a month ago around the same time Toronto held it’s Pride Parade. “What an incredible pleasure it is to… … Keep Reading


Do you miss Stephen Harper? VIDEO

Do you miss former Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Here’s some of his best quotes. On the justification for the war, it wasn’t related to finding any particular weapon of mass destruction. It’s the government’s obligation to look really to the third parties to get the support to govern. If you… … Keep Reading


Legal terrorists training camps in Canada and USA

There’s Muslims military training camps in Ontario and US, the FBI’s reaction to them is those people have rights to run these legal “no go zones” military training camps, “they have constitutional rights” These camps are are mostly hidden in wooded areas in the mountains where there’s little police activity,… … Keep Reading

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New homes coming to refugees displaced by fire

BC refugees who lost their homes in a fire are going to receive new homes, provincial and federal agencies are working to find the residents permanent housing, a fire has gutted their apartment building in Coquitlam BC. Ten Syrian refugees who suffered the loss have already received temporary housing and… … Keep Reading

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