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Rachel Notley’s Carbon Tax Disaster: Alberta is Suing Itself

Rachel Notley’s clueless government has finally completely lost it. As the NDP government’s environmental policy continues to backfire, the attorney general has filed a bizarre lawsuit against electric companies partially owned by its own cities Calgary and Edmonton. An overly-ambitious government that had set out to single handedly reverse the… … Keep Reading

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Muslim Father to Soldiers “shoot the child.”

The left media would never report this, this is how Muslim children are raised, they grow up being radicalized, but they don’t know any better, you grow up the way you’ve been raised by your parents. From Never Again Canada Facebook Page A Muslim father sends his 3 year old… … Keep Reading


Does Alberta want to be it’s own Country?

A recent poll by Insights West reports that 23 percent of Albertans want to separate and become their own country, Quebeckers want separation too, from Canada, by 32 percent! Maybe they want to get away from Alberta and their equalization payments? I don’t think so. From The Rebel Alberta separatism is… … Keep Reading

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