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US Authorities Say Karim Baratov; the Canadian Who Hacked Into Millions of Yahoo! Accounts Poses a High Flight Risk

Last Tuesday, Karim Baratov was arrested for allegedly hacking millions of Yahoo! accounts, which included some of journalists and officials. According to the US authorities, Karim was hired by Russian Intelligence agents to find out sensitive information. On the other hand, people who know Baratov paint a completely different picture.… … Keep Reading


Trudeau Refuses to Address Carbon Pricing Cost

It has become quite obvious that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone through great lengths to avoid releasing the federal government estimates for the new cost of his carbon pricing plan. The reasons for this strange behaviour is obvious since it has nothing to do with the interests of the… … Keep Reading


The Wealthy To Get Tax Cuts – ‘Thank you Trudeau’

There have been many who have said that the current Prime Minister Trudeau and his party are all for the rich. This is no secret since Trudeau himself comes from a privileged household. But, while he and other members of the Liberal Party have been shunning any evidence that proves… … Keep Reading


Demand for Illegal Passage into the West Rises

A man named Srikajamukan Chelliah was caught by the FBI on the charges of smuggling 1,750 people from different countries into the US. According to the US authorities, Chelliah charges his client $55,000 where immigrants are taken through the sea or by air from Haiti to Bahamas to South Florida.… … Keep Reading

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