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Trudeau’s Omnibus Hypocrisy – Liberal’s 300-Page Bill

Earlier this month, the federal government presented a budget bill that included changes to Canada’s Infrastructure Bank laws and Parliamentary Budget Officer’s power. According to the opposition party, the 300-page bill is an omnibus bill similar to what the Liberals are trying to make illegal in the parliamentary rules. Candice… … Keep Reading


Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is built on Lies

There is no mistaking it, Trudeau’s carbon tax is not popular with anyone, and it being labeled as an ‘environmental policy’ is complete nonsense. The main goals of the policy aren’t in favor of the Canadian people and will only serve one purpose, which is pushing taxes higher. The Trudeau… … Keep Reading


Canada has fallen from its former glory

Despite being married, girls and women still love Trudeau. However, his beauty might be costing Canada in many ways. With so much going on right now in Canada like military defenses and scientific research experiencing cuts, Canadians raising their voice against the federal budget, rallies being carried out weekly and… … Keep Reading

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