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Donald Trump plans to put strict check on intelligence agencies

In recent updates, Donald Trump has revealed that he is going to restructure two of the nation’s top intelligence agencies. Trump has plans to reduce the size of the office of the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA. The plan has been put into motion as the President-elect thinks… … Keep Reading


Trudeau taking Canada down with his debt?

According to some financial analysts, bringing Trudeau into office was a mistake that might cost Canada $2 trillion. This is not just an estimated figure by any newsmonger; this figure has come straight from the Department of Finance.   This was the annual update of long term fiscal projections presented… … Keep Reading


Provinces ask Trudeau to resume federal health talks

Finance and Health ministers from 10 provinces have called upon Prime Minister Trudeau to resume health talks. The talks were a result of the side deals that were made with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Finance and Health ministers of 10 different provinces have now come together and asked… … Keep Reading


Donald Trump supports the ending of Guantanamo Bay releases

According to Donald Trump, releasing of Guantanamo inmates is a big mistake because the ones who were allowed to leave are people that are extremely dangerous and unstable. President Barack Obama was the one who had promised to close down the prison which he could not follow through on, but… … Keep Reading


Trudeau is working up a Divide and Rule policy

It seems like Justin Trudeau has played the provinces against each other very well. At one hand, there are provinces bickering over side deals and on the other hand, the carbon tax is causing a big problem between why certain people are being exempted from it. The era of collaborative… … Keep Reading

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