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Yazidi refugees need our help, share to get the message out

Yazidi refugees need help from the Canadian government, the Yazidi’s have played a great role in defeating ISIS while being held as sex slaves, and now that the dust has settled some require immediate attention, help that only the Canadian government can provide. A letter sent by Yezizi Association of Manitoba Inc.… … Keep Reading


President Trump is here to stay, regardless what CNN wants

CNN started attacking President Donald Trump ever since he announced his bid to run for office, while no one believed him, he won. The silent majority proved Trump can win, and according to them, he’s here to stay. CNN and the rest of the mainstream media want him out, they’ve… … Keep Reading



While we can acknowledge, and much of the time, endure or even appreciate the distinctions among the different societies that our reality shows. In any case, all things considered, there are sure practices that must rise above social contrasts. For instance, murder and robbery are ethically wrong and should subject… … Keep Reading


Trudeau chooses Pride Parade over visiting B.C. fire area

Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes while out-of-control wildfires burn in British Columbia. Justin Trudeau seems to have forgotten about the province, he made a stop flipping pancakes in Calgary and since announced he will be attending the Pride Parade on July 22 in Halifax. See you… … Keep Reading


Watch: Brad Wall RIPS Premiers a new one

Since 2016, $34 BILLION of capital investment has left Canada in our oil and gas sector. Many of those investments are from companies that supported carbon taxes in our country and now have taken their investment dollars to the Permian play in the US where there will be no carbon… … Keep Reading

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