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BREAKING: Look what Trump just said about Trudeau

When President Donald Trump mentions Canada at any time, it should be directly directed to Justin Trudeau. Because Justin Trudeau is Canada’s speaker, he speaks for all Canadians, but unfortunately he said the wrong things which triggered the President. Watch below as Trump says Canada “treats us horribly” on trade. … Keep Reading


Global News advises Canadians how to Boycott Donald Trump

We’re always criticizing the mainstream media for the simple fact that they are completely bias. They should be reporting news, instead today Global News advised Canadians in a article how to boycott US products after President Trump imposed strong tariffs on Canadian products. Did they forget the Tariffs are mostly… … Keep Reading


Opioid death toll in Canada nearly 4,000 last year, new data shows

OTTAWA — Nearly 4,000 Canadians died from apparent opioid overdoses last year, with men the most likely victims and fentanyl the clear culprit, new government figures show. The numbers released Tuesday came as the federal government announced plans to severely restrict the way drug companies market opioids to doctors. The… … Keep Reading


Police identify two men wanted in Toronto playground shooting

TORONTO — Police have identified two men wanted in connection with a daylight shooting at a Toronto playground that sent two young sisters to hospital. Det. Sgt. Jim Gotell says police now believe two men opened fire at a quiet co-operative housing complex in an east Toronto suburb, striking the… … Keep Reading

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