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If found guilty, Trudeau would be tried as an adult

Many would argue Justin Trudeau’s childish behaviour in foreign countries is grounds for treason, but can he be charged as an adult even though he’s acting like a child? Liberal watchdog says yes, ” the lack of intelligence, immature and frequent dances on foreign lands are not enough to allow… … Keep Reading


Trudeau announces he will spend freely on immigration department

Justin Trudeau made headlines this week in his foreign trips, from wired hugs to funding announcements. The two funding announcements he made was an increase spending to try and save the climate change, and to spend freely on the immigration department. Via Daily Caller: The Trudeau government has big spending… … Keep Reading


Stormy Daniels Sketch Man is Justin Trudeau

Who’s the man Stormy Daniels says threatened her and her daughter back in 2011? He looks just like Justin Trudeau. He may be handsome, but he always seems like he has something to hide doesn’t he? Stormy says the man in the sketch approached her in Vegas years ago and… … Keep Reading

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