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Canadian Chicken Farmers Fighting Against Negative Portrayals

Canadian chicken farmers are fighting back against an irresponsible and inaccurate depiction of chicken production in Canada. There are about 2,800 chicken farmers all over Canada, and various animal welfare groups are sensationalizing footage in order to characterize and accuse the chicken farming industry in Canada. It is done by… … Keep Reading


Canadian Study Finds Controversial MS Treatment to be Ineffective

Liberation therapy has been found by a Canadian study to be ineffective in aiding patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. A controversial treatment in its own right, the procedure opens veins in the neck to drain blood. The process has not been approved in Canada, however; surgeons in Eastern Europe, Latin… … Keep Reading


Canadian Agency Has Delayed Approval for a Nuclear Waste Site

The Canadian government has delayed the approval for a controversial nuclear waste site in Ontario. This is after Justin Trudeau’s administration asked for more details from the Ontario Power Generation Utility regarding storage of low-level and mid-level radioactive material in different locations. They site will be around 2,230 feet below… … Keep Reading

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