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Going Viral: Pope Francis Slams Trudeau with his angry face

The Pope didn’t seem to be very impressed during his meeting with Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau happens to be in the same boat.  It’s going viral and Twitter reacted: The Pope's face tho 😂 — Based Mike 🇨🇦 👌 (@GF4_93) May 29, 2017 @CdnPress The Pope is still getting… … Keep Reading


Justin Trudeau demands apology from Pope Francis

Seems like the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau finds himself surrounded by controversy daily, this time asking the pope for an apology.  Justin Trudeau says he told Pope Francis it’s important for all Canadians to move forward with reconciliation, and that the pontiff could help by issuing an apology for… … Keep Reading


Trudeau doesn’t represent me with pink socks 

Justin Trudeau represented Canada at NATO in front of the world on live television WEARING PINK SOCKS!  Just to be clear, I’m Canadian and Trudeau will never represent me while wearing pink socks, what an embarrassment for Canada.  Does Trudeau represent you as a Canadian?  … Keep Reading


Sask. Man Charged For Threatening Justin Trudeau 

Just a few days after a Alberta woman was charged for uttering threats against Sophie Trudeau, a Saskatchewan man is charged for uttering threats against her husband.  Police use social media to track where people live to arrest them.  The RCMP National Security Enforcement Section learned in March about the… … Keep Reading

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