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This SHOCKING Decision Trudeau Made Will Ruin Him

Justin Trudeau is in his wits again with a possible tirade against the animal lovers. People in Canada signed a petition e-123 that requested the government to ban the import of dog and cat fur but he seems to have rejected the proposal. Instead, the Prime Minister has allowed the… … Keep Reading


Calgary Stampeder Mylan Hicks dies from shooting

23-year-old Mylan Hicks from the Calgary Stampeders has died early Sunday morning from gun shot wounds.  Police were called to Marquee Beer Market at 4630 Macleod Trail at about 2:30 a.m. after reports of shots fired. The team said  “life was taken in act of violence.” Stampeders mourn the death… … Keep Reading


Trudeau criticizes NYC attack as violent extremism

Justin Trudeau was at his wits again by terming the recent New York attack as violent extremism. Even the chain of blasts and injured people failed to deter the PM from his path of minority appeasement. No matter what happens he is steadfastly supporting diversity in Canadian population to the… … Keep Reading

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Trudeau’s Selfies Cost Taxpayers $600,000 So Far

The marketing gimmick of the Prime minister in taking selfies and uploading the videos on the internet is not for free as the whole branding exercise has cost the tax payers about 600,000$. Digital branding of the liberals has gone unabated since the arrival of the PM on the political… … Keep Reading


Trudeau says Canadians want a Country wide carbon tax 

Trudeau in the parliament tried to counter the arguments of the opposition by maintaining that his party is the first that has decided concretely to tax the carbon pollution. NDP MP was not amused as he thought that Justin was harping back to the era of Stephen Harper. In the… … Keep Reading

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