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Unlike Harper, Trudeau has no respect 

Stephen Harper was a man with respect to Canadians and the Canadian youth, Justin Trudeau doesn’t care, he abandoned his child at the Vancouver pride parade last week in an effort to hug a transsexual who was waiting for him with open arms. Share and comment your thoughts.  What are… … Keep Reading


Trump is here to stay, here’s 8 reasons why

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is here to stay. And we’ll probably see more of him for the next four years, especially if the Americans do the right thing and put the current Democratic nominee behind bars, where she belongs. So, for those who aren’t fans of Trump… … Keep Reading

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Liberals want the 1% wealthy to pay 90% taxes

It’s a disgrace how uneducated and full of dumb ideas uneducated liberals are these days, these are the young kids who are starting their political careers and are brainwashed everyday by the society the world is becoming under terrorism and liberal way of life in general.  Would you ever volunteer… … Keep Reading

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Trouble Brewing Over Alberta Beer Regulations

Alberta’s new beer tax system is more trouble than it’s worth. The NDP government’s decision to change its beer tax system can not only increase hostility between provinces, it can do the opposite of what it originally intended. It can hurt the local economy. How so? Before we begin to… … Keep Reading

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