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Three Canadian Citizens Who Were Tortured in Egypt and Syria Get Their Long Due Settlement from the Federal Government

After two federal inquiries and 15 years, three Canadian men get their justice after being tortured in Egypt and Syria by their own country officials. Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Public Safety Minister and Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Affairs Minister announced this last Friday that with an apology and settlement from Canada’s federal government side,… … Keep Reading


The Curious Case of Don Meredith

Senator Don Meredith finally spoke out after a long period of silence following revelations of his relationship with a teenager. Meredith’s reputation took a nose dive recently after the Senate Ethics Commissioner Lyse Ricard piled up evidence against Meredith, which suggests that the senator apparently began to pursue a 16… … Keep Reading


New Poll Suggests More Canadians Dislike M-103

The M-103 is a controversial bill that was being pushed by Canadian Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s anti discrimination motion against Islamophobia and other systemic religious and racism discrimination in Canada. While there was much hype surrounding the motion initially, it soon turned into an all out war between the right… … Keep Reading


Kevin O’Leary Accuses Conservative Party of Voter Fraud

Kevin O’Leary made headlines when he skipped the Edmonton debate last month. But that doesn’t mean the reality TV star and Tory leadership candidate is down and out. O’Leary recently gave a statement criticizing the way in which the recent Conservative Party elections are being held. According to O’Leary, widespread… … Keep Reading


Justin Trudeau Hangs Out with Ivanka Trump

When Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Washington just over a month ago, the cameras couldn’t get enough of Trudeau and Ivanka Trump sitting on the same table together. It made perfect sense, a liberal multi-lateralist Trudeau, who needed an in with a new nationalist President Trump, and a businesswoman… … Keep Reading


The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Launches Investigation into Canada’s Financial Institutions

In Ottawa, The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is investigating Canada’s financial institutions for their business practices. There have been allegations that some banks are ‘tricking’ or pressuring their customers into buying various products and services. FCAC is an independent agency of the government and is responsible for consumer… … Keep Reading


Ivanka Trump And Justin Trudeau Meet AGAIN! 

The leftist media seems to think Ivanka Trump and Trudeau have a thing for each other, I don’t think so.  TMZ reports Trudeau and Ivanka met up on Broadway Wednesday night again but arrived in different vehicles in the same motorcade.  This image below went viral and the media made… … Keep Reading

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