10 Best 90s Horror Movies, According To Reddit

While every decade has horror movies that stand out to fans, whether they’re slashers or psychological thrillers, some say that the ’90s is full of cheesy, campy films. But while there are definitely some duds from this time period, there are countless scary movies from the ’90s that feature groundbreaking concepts and well-written characters, not to mention that they’re terrifying no matter when someone watches them.

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Many horror fans have taken to Reddit to share their favorite horror movies that came out in the ’90s, and they’ve mentioned some beloved and popular movies that still feature some of the most interesting and unique premises from the genre.

10 The Faculty

The Faculty 1998 Casey

The Faculty is a favorite ’90s horror movie and it was mentioned by one Redditor who said, “the faculty and the craft captured some of how weird it was to be in school.”

With a smart script by Kevin Williamson, this movie examines the misery of high school life as a group of students realize that their teachers are literally aliens who are up to no good. While this is a fun science-fiction premise, with wild moments like Casey learning about a creature that he finds outside the school, it’s also a smart interpretation of how tough and insecure teenagers feel.

9 Stir Of Echoes

Reddit user SixDemonBag_01 mentioned Stir Of Echoes and Reddit user ljcampagna added, “Stir of Echos was a great movie. Better than I anticipated.”

At the beginning of the story, Tom seems like an ordinary person, raising his son Jake and excited that his wife Maggie is pregnant again. As the movie progresses, fans learn that Tom is seeing things, specifically what might have happened to a girl named Samantha who went missing. This movie has it all, from well-drawn characters to a twist ending when it turns out that Jake can see spirits, too.

8 candy man

With the 2021 movie, many horror fans are revisiting the original candyman, and Reddit user kimmehh praised it. The fan wrote, “I just rewatched candy man (1992) and I think it’s one of the best of all time. Incredibly acted, layered story, deeper themes, genuinely terrifying.”

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candy man has a compelling horror villain and it’s interesting watching Helen investigate this myth. The movie does have a problem with a white woman being the main character, something that the new movie fixes, but the original is still groundbreaking.

7 Scream

When Scream was mentioned as a great ’90s horror movie, Reddit user DoktorSteven wrote, “The first scene in Scream is almost unrivaled by anything else that decade. It’s a perfect 20 minute short film.”

The opening is definitely a classic Scream scene, as horror fans can never forget seeing Casey answer the phone while innocently making popcorn, thinking that it’s just a wrong number. The way that Casey quickly realizes that she’s in grave danger sends a chill down the audience’s spine. The rest of the movie is clever and funny enough to keep fans invested, but it wouldn’t feel as special without this beginning.

6 The Sixth Sense

Reddit user M13K10 posted that when it comes to ’90s horror, “The Prophecy and The Sixth Sense were good.”

The Sixth Sense is both scary and sad. Audiences learn about Dr. Malcolm’s personal tragedy and how tortured Cole is by the ghosts that he sees all the time. Everyone also remembers the terrifying scene when Cole sees the spirit of Kyra, whose mom put poison in her food. This is the kind of movie that truly stays with someone and can be watched multiple times since it’s always possible to notice something new.

5 Misery

Reddit user MrAnonymous117 said, “I would definitely go with Misery. It’s suspenseful, thrilling, shocking, and its two main characters are excellent.”

There’s so much to love about this Stephen King adaptation, as audiences have no idea what Annie is going to do to her favorite author Paul, and it truly seems like he has no escape. The movie manages to be both campy and terrifying which is a tone indicative of many horror films from this decade.

4 The Silence Of The Lambs

The Silence Of The Lambs has aged well and is always going to be mentioned as a favorite terrifying and intelligent movie from this decade. Reddit user LearnAndLive1999 said, “My favorite is The Silence of the Lambs (1991).”

The premise is chilling and horrifying, with few being able to imagine being FBI Agent Clarice who tries to get into the mind of cannibalistic killer Hannibal Lector. She’s incredibly tough throughout the entire story, and the horror builds, making this one of the most powerful ’90s movies ever made.

3 Jacob’s Ladder

Several Reddit users in a thread mentioned Jacob’s Ladder, with Reddit user B-A writing, “This movie is very scary and very bizarre… I think some people have issues with the ending but I think every scene is tense and interesting. A+.”

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The genre of horror is at its best when it examines important subjects, which this movie definitely does as it tells the story of Jacob, a Vietnam war vet who begins having awful visions. This ending makes or breaks someone’s enjoyment of the whole movie, since it turns out that Jacob has been dead the whole time.

2 The Blair Witch Project

the blair witch project heather donahue

Reddit user martin_castillo loves The Blair Witch Project, explaining, “Got a lot of exposure when it was released & a lot of people probably think it’s overrated. But, it’s one of the few films I’ve seen as an adult that has genuinely scared me.”

Thanks to The Blair Witch Project’s scary quotes and the groundbreaking concept of friends camping in the woods and wondering if there’s a witch nearby, this is one of the most popular movies from this decade. No one forgets their first time watching this movie as the tone never lets up.

1 The People Under The Stairs

The People Under the Stairs 1991 Fool

Reddit user NoImNotJC recommended The People Under the Stairs and wrote, “I feel people either don’t know about it or down play it because of the humor and goofiness of the villains.” Several horror fans agreed that it’s scary and deserves praise.

This Wes Craven movie is disturbing and definitely stays with the viewer, as a young kid named Fool learns that his landlords have kept a girl named Alice and other children under their staircase and they have become cannibals. Jordan Peele is making a remake.

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