10 Things We Noticed In The Latest Eternals Trailer

The Marvel team has been positioning The Eternals as an incredibly important film within the MCU since day one. With the latest trailer unveiling some crucial information, it seems this film is going to follow through on the promises of the studio. Though as is typical with Marvel at this point, it’s possible much of the trailer won’t be in the film as a means of misdirecting fans to keep the plot a secret.

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However, if the latest trailer is to be taken at face value (assuming most of what is shown will appear in the film in some capacity), fans learn quite a bit in about two minutes. Some things are fairly obvious as Marvel wanted to showcase them, but other things are only noticed after some in-depth analysis of the trailer.

10 The Eternals Came To Earth 7,000 Years Ago

While it isn’t much, this reveal answered a question that had been around since the movie was announced, when did they get to Earth? The trailer indicates that the Eternals arrived on Earth about 7,000 years ago.

This is important because 7,000 years ago was right about the time human civilizations began developing agriculture and infrastructure and recording history. Considering the names of the Eternals, it’s assumed they heavily influenced real-world mythologies and cultures with their presence on Earth.

9 Did We Witness The Birth Of Arishem (Or Another Celestial)?

Arishem from the Eternals trailer

During the explanation of the Emergence, fans are shown lights returning on Earth as well as amazing cosmic events that occurred as a result of Hulk’s Snap. One of these flashes is a blinding red that is a very similar color to one seen on the above Celestial’s armor and exposed areas.

Many fans have theorized that this red paired with a glimmer of gold may suggest that this event is the birth of a Celestial, specifically Arishem. However, the fully formed Arishem appears to be damaged, so perhaps (instead of his birth) fans will see a glimpse of the ancient Celestial battle that may have resulted in horrible bloodshed, including Knowhere.

8 Hulk’s Snap Was Seemingly More Powerful Than Thanos’ (& The Resulting Emergence Could Be The Birth Of The Celestial Tiamut)

Presumably a meteor crashing into Earth, but possibly a Celestial seed being implanted

Ajak explains to Ikaris that when the people of Earth undid Thanos’ Snap, the surge of energy was enough to kick off an event referred to as the Emergence. This would suggest that Hulk’s Snap was more powerful as he was bringing life back (energy surge) versus Thanos who was getting rid of it (energy dip).

The Emergence will likely be explained within the film, though some have theorized that the Emergence is the return of the Deviants. However, imagery of a small seed-like meteor seemingly implanting itself into the Earth could suggest otherwise. The Celestial Tiamut is a dormant Celestial living within the Earth in the comics, the Emergence could be his awakening i.e. the destruction of the planet.

7 Multiple Cataclysmic Events Could Be Shown For Future MCU Set Pieces

The ensuing destruction presumably from whatever entered Earth's atmosphere in The Eternals trailer

After the presumed meteor hits the Earth, the resulting cataclysm is unfathomable. While this sequence does indicate human presence by the manmade structures being demolished via the doomsday-sized wave, it could be an ancient event nonetheless.

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Some fans have suggested that this catastrophe might allude to the sinking of Atlantis, which is rumored to make an appearance in the coming Black Panther sequel. Additionally, while the Deviants of the comics were more humanlike, the monster Deviants could have their own metropolis that gets destroyed during this event, similar to the destruction of Lemuria in the comics.

6 Why The Eternals Have Yet To Get Involved & We Finally Get To See The MCU’s Take On Deviants

Deviants from The Eternals trailer.

When Dane Whitman, aka The Black Knight, confronts Sersi about the lack of Eternal support over the years, she indicates that they have been instructed to not interfere in the follies of man unless Deviants are directly involved. While the scene indicates Celestials are running the show, it makes it clear that the main enemies of the Eternals are the Deviants.

These monstrous creatures can be seen earlier in the trailer as the Eternals defend a young boy from a Deviant that emerges from the water. While the Deviants are much more monstrous in the film than their more humanoid counterparts from the comics, there does appear to be deviations among the Deviants.

5 The Celestials Appear To Be Calling The Shots & Ajak Appears To Be The Eternals’ Spokesperson

Presumably Arishem giving the Eternals their mission on Earth

The editing of the trailer would suggest that the answer to Whitman’s question about who directed the Eternals to stay out of human affairs is the Celestials. Right after he asks the question, fans are shown a close-up of the mighty Arishem. However, before that, fans are shown this sequence of the Eternals sitting around a potential projection of the Celestial.

The tiny golden ball in the center of the image is then seen entering Ajak’s throat just before she opens her eyes as if the golden orb was awakening her for her mission. Ajak is supposed to be the messenger between the Celestials and her Eternal comrades, so this sequence could be showing the overseers embuing Ajak with the power to communicate with them.

4 When The Eternals Takes Place Chronologically Within The MCU

This can be inferred by some of the dialogue at both the beginning and the end of the trailer. Upfront, Ajak tells Ikaris that they have seven days before the Emergence is upon them due to the surge of energy from Hulk’s Snap. This would suggest that The Eternals takes place in the week immediately following the final battle in Endgame.

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When Ikaris and Sersi appear to be recruiting Phastos, Ikaris comments that he has probably developed an elaborate safe house and asks if his dining room table is Vibranium before punching the table in half. Phastos tells him it was the fall collection from Ikea rather than Vibranium, which tracks with Endgame since the final battle took place in October 2023.

3 Makkari’s Chamber Of Relics Could Have Many Implications

The group’s resident speedster is seen sitting among many ancient and potentially important relics as she lounges in a chair in the middle of the room. There are tons of historical Easter eggs from medieval armor and ancient Egyptian relics to Roman artifacts and trinkets of the orient and everything in between, suggesting fans may get a glimpse of a few past Eternal adventures.

While many of the books presumably hold ancient secrets and important historical anecdotes, there are plenty of items that tell a story as well. Not only does a holy grail appear similar to the one from the Indiana Jones franchise, but there is a depiction of the Egyptian cat-goddess Bastet who was a direct inspiration for the Wakandan panther-goddess Bast.

2 The Villain Appears To Be Kro

At one point, Thena is seen ensnared by what looks like a Deviant’s tendril-like appendages. It is all but confirmed that this more human-esque Deviant is the villainous Kro from the comics who is the leader of the Deviants.

Considering the Deviants are positioned to be a significant part of the Eternals’ history, it would only make sense for their warlord of a dictator to make an appearance. Thena is also a significant love interest of Kro’s in the comics, so this pairing in this context could suggest that Kro has Thena held hostage for love.

1 Each Eternal Seems To Have A Specialty That’s True To The Comics

Eternals group shot, from the Marvel teaser

It has been theorized that each Eternal will utilize their ability to manipulate cosmic energy in different ways to establish uniqueness among the bunch. The trailer essentially confirms that theory as many of the Eternals manage to showcase their unique abilities, if only for a moment.

Several of Sprite’s illusions are shown, and Phastos seems to be explaining some kind of blueprints and has technological control over their spacecraft. Thena conjures weapons while Gilgamesh manifests exoskeleton-like gauntlets. Ikaris’ eye lasers are probably the most prominent as he is shown blasting multiple Deviants throughout the trailer. Overall, The Eternals is gearing up to be one of the most exciting (and most important) movies of the MCU.

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