12 unmissable international films from the 2021 Morelia Film Festival

The film industry in Mexico dresses up again more to receive a new edition of the Morelia International Film Festival. Delivery number 19 of the event is more than ready to begin activities on October 27 and close on November 1 in a version that, as in 2020, will be hybrid (that is, both in person and online).

Well, the table is set and as usual, we are looking at a first-rate Official Selection that looks promising (you can check it HERE)… but that’s not all that’s coming. To complement its agenda, the FICM will also have a projection space for international premieres not to be missed.

Here are some of the unmissable international festival ribbons.

Photo: FICM

The French Dispatch

Director: Wes Anderson

One of the most anticipated films by moviegoers in the world, by far. The French Dispatch is the new installment of Wes Anderson and true to his habit, the director formed one of the first level cast with actors and actresses of great trajectory such as Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson, Timothée Chalamet, Benicio del Toro, Léa Seydoux, Elisabeth Moss, Edward Norton… Wow, the list is longer and more dazzling than one might imagine.

Until now, the film that received its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021 and was nominated for the Palme d’Or. Another good recognition that tells us how important this film is is its nomination for the Audience Award for the City of Donostiarra, in the San Sebastian Film Festival, in Spain.

This is the story of an American newspaper found in a fictional town in 20th century France. The place is about to close but not without first publishing a last issue, where they will relate great events of the time and obviously, we will see the impact that these have on the protagonists. The film has been described as a “love letter to journalism.”.. so we want to see it.

Wes Anderson's 'The French Dispatch' Has a Release Date Now!

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Director: Audrey Diwan

Another of the tapes that comes with a great wake of expectation behind, is Happening by Audrey Diwan. And in fact, this film has managed to captivate critics to the degree that it won the Golden Lion at the last Venice International Film Festival (Over here we tell them all about that epic moment).

Originally released under the title of The event, the film shows us the life of a young woman named Anne who is a brilliant student with a promising future. However, she becomes pregnant and from that, everything will get complicated. His social life fades away, the final school tests are coming up and she decides to have an abortion with all the pain, the social stigmas and the risk of going to jail that that entails.

Bergman Island

Director: Mia Hansen-Løve

In the festival circuit of cinema worldwide, Bergman Island by Mia Hansen-Løve has been one of the great favorites of critics and those lucky enough to see it. The film has already circulated in Cannes (where it was nominated for the Palme d’Or), the Busan Festival and in Toronto, the latter last September.

The great Hansen-Løve tape, moreover, has an 82% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with about 40 professional reviews, which speaks highly of its history, direction, and other aspects. And what is it about? The plot revolves around a couple of filmmakers who have decided to spend time on the Swedish island of Fårö, a place known as one of the ‘sacred temples’ where the legendary Ingman Bergman wrote his works.

As the story goes on, they each begin to develop their respective scripts for the cinematographic works in which they are involved, but the whole thing will begin to blur – for better or for worse – when the barrier between reality and fiction crumbles and reaches them.

The Card Counter

Director: Paul Schrader

Another title that has us quite excited both for its cast and for the production staff behind it. The Card Counter (O The card counter in its Spanish translation) has in Paul Schrader one of the greatest screenwriters of all time, with credits that endorse him as a writer in films such as Taxi Driver O Raging Bull by Martin Scorsese, or as a filmmaker in the acclaimed First Reformed.

Well, Paul returns in 2021 with this film that reaches the Morelia International Film Festival, ready to once again show us his ability to tell stories. In The Card Counter, we will see a crime drama starring Oscar Isaac as ex-military William Tell, a poker player who seems unconcerned about life but soon sees an opportunity to redeem himself when a young man seeks him out to help execute a vengeful plan.

It was the hand of God

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

It was the hand of God (The Hand of God) is from this moment on one of the best films that have been released in 2021 and who does not agree, can say that at least it is one of the best. However, we do not believe that the feature film of Paolo Sorrentino won the Silver Lion of the Grand Jury Prize for free at the last Venice edition, where it was also nominated for Best Film.

And in fact, this film is so moving because it is an almost biographical account where Sorrentino gives us a glimpse of the young man’s life Fabietto Schisa and all the tragedies, joys and experiences that he goes through in his native Naples. Here is a huge love letter about cinema, football, family and the feeling of loss

Needless to say, the young lead actor, Filippo Scotti, It is one of the great revelations of the year. Don’t miss it at the Morelia International Film Festival.

King Richard

Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green

If it comes to seeing Will Smith on screen, we can look forward to a heartfelt and spectacular performance once and for all. The iconic actor returns to the field of drama with King Richard, a biographical look where he will play the father of Venus and Serena Williams and in which we will see the arduous but rugged road he traveled as coach of two of the greatest athletes of all time.

At the moment, the tape has 93 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a total of 13 specialized reviews. For those who have not seen it, then you can expect one of those great films that Smith knows how to deliver when it comes to drama.


Directora: Robin Wright

We have all ever been so overwhelmed by life that we would like to get away from it all: the people, the city, thethe trivia that sometimes make days unbearable. However, life itself is so unpredictable that we do not know if what is in store for us is such an intense experience that it will make us rethink things.

A little bit of that is what we see in Land (or In a wild place), a film directed by or starring Robin Wright with the stellar participation of Demián Bichir. So we also have it as one of the must-sees of the FICM, there for you to take a look at it. Check out the trailer to see what’s next.

Last Night In Soho

Director: Edgar Wright

Following the path of The French Dispatch, over there we can also say that Last Night In Soho It is one of the most anticipated films of the year by far. And it is not for less given the recent advances that have been released and the interesting premise that it offers us.

With a pinch of fiction and a touch of thriller, Edgar Wright shows us the story of Eloise, a young woman who, after a series of supernatural events, is transported to the Soho region of London where she takes possession of the body of her favorite singer from the 1960s, Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy) . There, she will see that life was actually more devious and not as glamorous as I thought.

The Lost Daughter

Director: Maggie Gyllenhaal

We know that Maggie Gyllenhaal She is a first-rate actress, but as a director and writer she doesn’t do a bad job. In fact, he performs spectacularly in these areas and his debut The Lost Daughter he gives us an account of it. The film even earned him a Best Screenplay award at the recent Venice edition.

What is it about? Here, the magnificent Olivia Colman plays Leda, a college professor who becomes obsessed with a young woman named Nina and her daughter. Soon, the protagonist will be besieged and haunted by memories of her own motherhood. An intense drama that seems headed for more major awards.

12 unmissable international films of the Morelia International Film Festival 2021

Olivia Colman en ‘The Lost Daughter’. Foto: Especial.

The Power of the Dog

Director: Jane Campion

This is one of the films called to be considered the best of 2021 for many reasons. The address of Jane Campion has been recognized with the Silver Lion in Venice for Best Director and at the San Sebastian Festival, he won the award for Best Film.

Campion’s drama also includes a top-notch cast with Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst y Jesse Plemons in front. Here you will see a family conflict when a powerful, feared and recognized rancher decides to make life impossible for his brother, his new wife and her son … but what begins as an intense family friction, soon will open the way to the possibility of a complicated romance.


Director: Michel Franco

After the premiere of New order, Michel Franco returns to the international scene with an interesting drama entitled Sundown which has had a recognized performance at film festivals around the world. Now, it is his turn to do the same at the Morelia International Film Festival.

With Tim Roth as its protagonist, the Mexican filmmaker shows us the story of a British family that is vacationing in Acapulco just when they receive terrible news: an important member of the clan died. Just when they decide that they must return to their country to attend to some important matters related to the death, the main character manages to escape and not return to England, leaving his family at the expense of the complicated situation that comes to them.

Why did he do it? It’s up to you to find out.


Directora: Julia Ducournau

Julia Ducournau made history by winning the Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival by becoming the second woman to win the pageant’s top accolade (after Jane Campion did 28 years earlier). And this he achieved with the intense and surprising Titanium.

A young man who disappeared 10 years ago unexpectedly shows signs of life at an airport, showing signs of abuse and violence. Soon, his father Vincent appears to take him home with the idea that the tortuous period of time without living together is over … however, when they arrive in his neighborhood and with the return of young man, start to unleash a series of shocking murders in the area. Here is a preview of this must-see.

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12 unmissable international films from the 2021 Morelia Film Festival