13 must-see premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘No Time to Die’, ‘New World’, ‘Alice in Borderland’ and much more

The latest installment in the 007 franchise with Daniel Craig on board is a symbolic premiere: it was the first blockbuster to be delayed due to the pandemic, and has been one of the last to return, certifying the beginning of the return to the cinemas. If Bond does not interest you, it is not the only plan we have this weekend: manga, FIFA and endless queues in ‘New World’, among many other proposals.

‘No time to die’

The Farewell to Daniel Craig as James Bond is the 25th installment of the franchise, and the fifth with the actor embodying the character. Dirige Cary Joji Fukunaga (‘True Detective’) con un blockbuster a longtime story in which a retired Bond has to help a CIA friend rescue a kidnapped scientist. Be very careful, among others, to Rami Malek as a quirky villain in the old Bondian style and to a hilarious Ana de Armas in the best part of the film.

‘The Hartung case’

The creator of the acclaimed ‘the Killing’ returns with a new six-episode miniseries that re-distills the best of the Nordic thriller. In this case, a doll made with chestnuts is the only clue a police inspector has to locate a man who could be linked to the disappearance of a couple of girls.

‘Oats Studios – Vol. 1’

The independent studio that Neill Blomkamp set up to produce science fiction and horror shorts without thematic or aesthetic limitations ended up with a wonderful line of short films that you can see on YouTube and now also conveniently grouped on Netflix. Alien invasions, robots that rebel, telemarkets that get out of hand: from post-apocalypse to humor, a wonderful selection of daring and direct genre pieces.


One of David Cronenberg’s most controversial films returns in a brand new 4K version restored. 25 years after its release, this tale of a couple of sex addicts and car accidents (James Spader and Holly Hunter) remains as provocative and thought-provoking as ever, often in the same pack. Based on an equally devastating and seemingly unadaptable novel by JG Ballard

‘Hollywood Movie Clichés: The Definitive List’

A nice humorous special that delves into the most worn clichés of Hollywood cinema that we all know and love: from cemetery burials with a distant and lonely witness to chaste sex sequences, to spitting drink when someone says something inconvenient. Rob Lowe and a host of special guests expose the embarrassments of the laziest screenwriters.

‘New World’

If you have had the extraordinary luck (or patience) to overcome the immense queues of thousands of users waiting to play, you will already know that New World is one of the MMOs of the season. Amazon Games has managed to overcome the bad foot with which it started with the already canceled ‘Crucible’ and presents a game that we liked in a first approach, which decides to raise a Steeper challenge than classics like ‘World of Warcraft’, with battles that even drink from ‘Souls’.

‘Lemnis Gate’

A very peculiar encounter of shooter dog face and strategic shootouts thanks to its peculiar mechanics: it takes place in turns of 25 seconds. From there, all the gadgets to manipulate time, stumble the plans of the enemies, and of course, an arsenal that allows you to do all kinds of doggies. It is clear that fourth-dimensional battles have become fashionable.

  • Available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One

‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’

A true classic of arcade racing returns in a retreaded version with renewed physics and graphics and, of course, the ability to play competitions with up to 12 other players online, or 2 on split screen. On this occasion, the possibility of collecting vehicles is added to the game, but all in the classic miniaturized and fast-paced environments of the franchise.

  • Disponible para PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

‘FIFA 22’

With Konami’s’ eFootball ’embroiled in controversy,’FIFA ‘seems to rise a year later as the safest choice for devotees of interactive football. Although as always, the improvements compared to other years are more progressive than revolutionary, in this edition the implementation of HyperMotion technology stands out, with which the movement of 22 footballers has been captured and that of all the players of this delivery.

  • Disponible para PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, Stadia

FIFA 22 and eFootball (PES 2022): news, demos, editions, dates and available platforms

‘The immeasurable corpse of nature’ (Christopher Slatsky)


Under such a bombastic title he hides a wonderful collection of essays and stories by this author that mixes lovecraftian overtones with an existential pessimism certainly very appropriate. We will meet a father who searches for his son to a strange cosmic place that seems haunted, or we will see how a man and his dog plunge into the heart of a government test carried out by an occult military organization. Disturbing stories that overflow darkness and darkness to be clear about what dust we are, and so on.

‘This is how the time war is lost’ (Max Gladstone and Amal El-Mohtar)


This cult sci-fi novel at last arrives translated into Spanish after years of gaining considerable fame in the Anglo-Saxon market. It speaks of Red and Blue, two agents of rival sides in a war that extends beyond the confines of space and time, and who initiate a forbidden correspondence. Both move through the threads of time shaping the past to suit the interests of their faction, but they will soon become more involved in their missions.

This is how the time war is lost (UNUSUAL)

This is how the time war is lost (UNUSUAL)

‘Lead squared’ (Stark Holborn)

Screenshot 2021 10 01 To S 19 23 12

An unusual mixture of concepts for a very original western novel, since raises the classic robbery in the far west… only here the robbers are mathematicians. Professor Malago Browne, who was the best known mathematician in the West, has tried to leave her past behind on the fringes of the law. But his old colleague Pierre de Fermat proposes him, together with a troop of renegade topologists and rebel statisticians, to face the coup of the century.

Squared lead

‘Alice in Borderland’

Alice In Borderland

If you liked the Netflix series, it is time to delve into the manga, which finally has a Spanish translation at the hands of Ivrea: three friends teleport to a parallel world seemingly just like ours, but actually inhabited by people who, like them, are forced to play the game of survival. Haro Aso, the creator of the series, brings great dynamism and expressiveness to a series full of suspense, action and dramatic twists.

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13 must-see premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘No Time to Die’, ‘New World’, ‘Alice in Borderland’ and much more