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Before you start reading this article, we warn you that it contains fundamental spoilers for the new season of 13 Reasons Why, so if you haven’t seen it, we recommend you stop reading.

The second cycle 13 Reasons Why was released this Friday on the platform Netflix. This time the plot takes place five months after the suicide of the teenager Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who left a series of tapes where she explained why she had decided to take her own life.

Remember that from the beginning this production generated criticism, because in the first season he was accused of making a “romanticization of suicide” and of being too explicit in showing the moment when Hannah takes her own life.

To address the latter, each chapter of the new session begins with a warning that the series is not recommended for people experiencing similar problems and also invites you to visit 13ReasonsWhy.info in case you need help. In fact, for Chile it recommends the Todo Mejora foundation, which works for the prevention of adolescent suicide and homophobic bullying of LGBT youth.

And the second season has not been without controversy either, this time the reason was a graphic rape scene in the last chapter of the cycle.

In fact, in that specific episode an additional warning is added, which indicates that it contains scenes of sexual violence not suitable for minors.


Did they go too far?

The scene in question this time relates to a male character, Tyler (Devin Druid), a shy young man who is a victim of bullying in the first cycle.

In the new season, Tyler befriends a group of punk boys, with whom he gets into some trouble that leads him to be sent to a rehab program.

When he returns to school after his treatment, Tyler is approached in the bathroom by the athlete Monty (Timothy Grenadiers) – one of his former bullies – who is accompanied by two friends.

Although Tyler tries to dissuade them from attacking him by seeking to dialogue with them, the subjects brutally beat Tyler, slamming his head against a sink and then sinking his face into a toilet. But the most horrendous part follows when he is raped with a mop handle that is covered in blood.

This sequence described as “horrifying” by some, was praised by some users on social networks for showing a type of sexual assault that is little talked about (sexual attacks between men), but others claimed that its graphic nature was totally unnecessary..


“I understand that 13 Reasons Why is a show that shows the harsh realities of the world, abuse, suicide, rape, depression, etc. But season 2, episode 13, at time 38-41 is unacceptable. It is a reality in this world, but that went beyond the graphic. I feel nauseous, ”said one user.

“Why is it becoming normal to show actual rape scenes on television programs specifically aimed at teenagers? how I hate that my sister watches 13 Reasons Why because it disgusts me, ”said another.

Also, someone said they were “traumatized” by the scene. “It’s too much,” he said. While some accused that the moment was simply used to justify Tyler’s attitude in the final scene.

The response of its creator

Brian Yorkey, one of the creators of the series, referred to this scene in “Beyond the reasons”, a program about 13 Reasons Why available on Netflix where both actors, creatives and specialists analyze its content.

There, Yorkey pointed out that what they were looking for with that very graphic scene was for the audience to empathize with Tyler.

“There is a concept called ‘radical empathy’, which is, in essence, the exercise or intention of identifying with someone completely and with someone who is very different from you”, he indicated.

“With the rawness of this scene, I challenge anyone who watches it not to suffer for Tyler. Whereas before they could distance themselves from him and say that he was a loner, a voyeur, a nerd … at that moment one is there with him and suffers. And, from there, it is impossible to forget that we are human like him “added.

In this regard, the actor Dylan minette (Clay in the series) added that for an actor “there is no way to prepare for these kinds of scenes. I can’t find the words. It was very difficult for me to see it and I knew what was coming. It will affect people in many ways. I think that regardless of the circumstances or who you are, it is something very painful to watch. You don’t want that to happen to anyone ”.

Your colleague Christian Navarro (Tony) said that for him the most heartbreaking thing about that scene is that “he (Tyler) tries to make use of the new tools that he has (that he learned in rehab) and narrow the gaps with his antagonist. For me that, more than the sexual assault, is something horrible ”.

On the same occasion, Yorkey also assured that this type of sexual assault occurs in schools in the United States, ensuring that there are cases of students raping others with mops or pool cues. “It is not something that is usually reported, it is ridiculous, but sexual attacks between men are almost not reported. Men don’t talk about it, it costs them a lot “, he sentenced.


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13 Reasons Why 2 sparks controversy over horrible scene accused of being “too graphic” | TV and Show