20 years of the attack on the Twin Towers: conspiracy theories, the second enemy of the United States

A 20 years of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, dated Tuesday September 9, 2001, numerous conspiracy theories continue to circulate about one of the bloodiest episodes in human history.

That Tuesday, a surprise attack shook the foundations of the Big Apple. It was carried out with the help of four United and American Airlines aircraft. Three of them would hit the World Trace Center, leaving 2,983 victims.

However, for some minds what happened does not necessarily coincide with the official version, offered by the George Bush administration. Over the years, possible alternatives to what actually happened and who were involved were lucid.

20 years after the attack on the Twin Towers, a new documentary

Did the armed forces try to repel the terrorist attack or did they want it to happen?

Images of a radar of the United States Armed Forces, monitoring flights in the territory.

Shortly after the collapse of the North and South Towers of the World Trace Center, one of the first theories that circulated both in the vast world of the internet and in the local media expounded on the possibility that the attack would not be repelled by the Armed Forces.

It’s more, There was even speculation with no intention of stopping the aircraft as they headed towards their targets.. Regarding the reasons why this happened, they believe that the United States needed a justification for attacking the Afghans.

After flights 11, 175, 77 and 93 were hijacked by members of the Al Qaeda group, led by the late Osama Bin Laden, and diverted to New York and Washington, the official order would have been not to intervene.

This order allegedly emanated from the then Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. For its part, the official version of events speaks of a complex case of hacking that prevented them from accessing the real-time location of the planes.

This theory could become one of the two with the greatest sustenance, because it wasn’t until Bush made the decision with Chaney to eliminate any commercial flight that is within a risk zone, there was no order in force.

Was it an imminent attack or a controlled explosion?

9/11 Attack Anniversary
The North and South Towers of the World Trace Center, co-opted by flames and smoke.

The second of the theories that aroused the most suspicions among American youth and adults It was the way the World Trade Center collapse. Some say it was not a common explosion.

Therefore, they maintain that both buildings did not necessarily collapse due to the impact of airplanes on their structures or even the spread of flames on their upper floors. They venture that inside both constructions there were bombs planted.

They not only highlight that the building imploded instead of exploding. In addition, they insist that the time in which both structures collapsed was almost record, leaving in evidence that the foundations of both works had been previously weakened.

Collaborating with this alternative, physicist Steven E. Jones said to have found traces of nanothermites, a reactive compound used by the Army to cause controlled explosions with high energy release rates.

Faced with the stories that circulated, the National Institute of Standards and Technology decided reconstruct the way in which both towers gave way and, as I decide, indicated that there was no indication that none of this had happened.

9/11: terrorists received help from a Saudi support network in the US, according to former FBI agent

Was Flight 93 shot down by the US Army or its passengers?

9/11 Attack Anniversary
Scientists work in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the aircraft crashed.

As mentioned before, four were the planes that were hijacked by members of Al Qaeda. One of them, United Airlines Flight 93 was scheduled to head to San Francisco, California. Like the other planes, it deviated its course.

Its course after being occupied by four terrorists was redirected towards the Capitol in Washington. While on his way to crash into the US Congress, Bush was notified of the collision of two planes against the Twin Towers.

Upon receiving the information, he quickly left Booker Elementary School in Houston, Texas, which he had attended to visit second-graders. Being on the presidential plane spoke to Chaney and demanded that all air traffic stop.

Who did not abide by the norm promoted by the president, they were to be immediately finished. According to this third theory, Flight 93 was one of those killed by F-45 planes of the United States Air Force.

After disclosing this theory, the US government explained its version of what happened: The passengers on board the aircraft took control of the cabin and, in a struggle to land safely, crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Did celebrities evade the terrorist attack or were they warned?

9/11 Attack Anniversary
Michael Jackson, Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane, figures who could have been hit by the attack.

Advancing on a fourth theory, built from five references of music, film and television, it is speculated with the possibility that eThese stars have been warned of the possible attack and not that they have been saved “miraculously”.

Between them, Mention may be made of Michael Jackson, Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Sarah Ferguson and Robe Lowestos. Everyone provided their own answers to justify why they were not in the WTC that day and not all are convincing.

Jackson stayed overnight with his sister Jannette and failed to wake up on time to attend a meeting at the WTC. Wahlberg, meanwhile, would board one of the hijacked flights but at the last minute chartered a plane with friends to go to Canada.

In the meantime, MacFarlane he would have the fortunate fortune to miss one of the tragic trips. Arrived late at the airport, after 7:45 am When he arrived, the boarding had closed and he had to wait for another flight to depart.

Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was unable to make it to the 101st floor on time due to an interview with the BBC. Finally, Lowe He traveled from Washington DC to Los Angeles with some of the terrorists but was not on board any of the other flights.

Victims of 9/11-related illnesses outnumbered those killed by the attack

Sale of airline shares and insurance against attacks?

9/11 Attack Anniversary
The Wall Street bull flooded with dust during the WTC crash.

In the days leading up to the attacks, a surprisingly “extraordinary” number of put options were placed in the shares of two airlines, American and United Airlines. The ships of both airlines turned out to be those captured by members of Al Qaeda.

The proponents of this fifth theory believe that shareholders had been warned in advance about the attacks and were profiting from the tragedy. United’s shares fell 42%, while American’s fell 39%.

Most of the sales operations were coordinated by Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., a company that occupied at least 22 floors in the WTC. The profits from these movements amounted to hundreds of millions.

But if you talk about money and the WTC you can’t miss a name: Larry Silverstein’s. It’s about the tycoon who rented the Twin Towers about two months before the fateful incident occurred, that left an approximate balance of three thousand dead.

Once the contract is closed, also agreed to an insurance policy of 3,500 million dollars, which It would only be charged in the event of a terrorist attack, which occurred on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

Why did Building 7 collapse if there was no direct collision?

9/11 Attack Anniversary
Building 7 of the World Trade Center, shortly after the September 11 attack.

Building 7 of the World Trace Center was 204 meters high and 47 stories high and No aircraft crashed into it, nor were its fires fueled by fuel. However, like the North and South Tower, it collapsed at high speed.

The fire began to spread through the building after 9:00 a.m. (local time). Documentaries and photographs show that they were harmless bulbs. Despite its scattering, the fire alarm alerted as it should.

Eight hours later, the building collapsed and a heap of rubble was left, which was suspicious since its bases were made of steel. The Bush administration said the fire had melted it but firefighters say they call them they can’t destroy it.

Another plot that surrounds Building number 7 splashes on the CIA, the Department of Defense and the Emergency Management Office, which occupied part of the facilities. Most of those who worked there they didn’t show up that day.

And not only that, those who defend this sixth and last theory argue that the planes could be guided from this tower, where there were too many files compromised and that that was one of the reasons why they wanted Building 7 to disappear.


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20 years of the attack on the Twin Towers: conspiracy theories, the second enemy of the United States