Vladimir Putin: “If Hillary Clinton wins, it’s war”

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The Russian president has declared war if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 election, some reports say Putin has everything in place to blackmail Hillary Clinton.

Putin has claimed the United States has created and funded ISIS with Barack Obama over the last 8 years, and now that Clinton has her campaign being funded by the Saudis, as much as 20%, Putin is clearly not to become friends with Hillary.

Putin is protecting Donald Trump who is in second place according to the polls begins Clinton, and said Clinton is the real threat. “If it’s Hillary Clinton, its war,”

“I could live without teeth if there would be no war,” Putin said. “Look at Hillary, it’s clear – she is ready to storm Russia tomorrow!”

Bernie Sanders is 3rd in the polls but unfortunately biased polls show that most Bernie supporters will be voting for Clinton, if it’s not Donald Trump, Sanders should be the next choice for America.

McCain said  that no veterans should support Clinton for president.

“I don’t see how any veterans…could support her quest to become commander in chief,” McCain said on a conference call with reporters before Trump secured the Republican nomination.

Should the rest of America follow veterans? Debate this and comment your thoughts.


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