Pot should be legalized for LOVE making, not working

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“You should smoke pot for horror movies and love making (sex), NOT when it’s time to go to work.”

With marijuana very recently being legalized in Canada, a lot of citizens are naive to things like the uses of weed and the different kinds of weed that are available. There will be a lot of questions amongst the public and many citizens will now be wondering how much weed to buy from one of the dispensaries located all over Canada. Many Canadians are trying to figure out how the Trudeau liberals will be legalizing pot, with oil companies and trucking companies all over North America requiring a drug test to work for them, and as they may require a drug test every 30 days while employed, how are they going to change their policies with legalization becoming reality? Speaking of being drug tested at work, it comes as no surprise to find that anyone who is taking marijuana for medical reasons (if legal) would use an at home drug test kit before it is conducted at work.

Gavin McInnes points out that pot makes you lazy, students should not smoke pot as they sit and loaf all day and can’t study, I personally agree with him, pot should only be smokes for love making and watching horror movies.

Most voters who voted to legalize marijuana want to smoke it everyday and sit back in their parents basements while studying, most of those voters were between 18-25 years old, and most of those kids are collage kids just wanting to get high.

“Someone needs to tell these annoying pot activists that although marijuana should be legalized, it’s still bad. Smoke enough pot in college and you will spend your life drawing a snake with a skull head snowboarding down a mountain of Cheetos. Save it for movie watching and love making. Nothing else.” says Gavin, watch below.

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