Stephen Harper approves of Jason Kenney

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Jason Kenny, who is running for Alberta PC leadership in the next election has made a name for himself over the last few weeks, the conservative MP said Albertans must come first, the current Premier Rachel Notley is not approving of Jason Kenny, Notley says Jason Kenney has been in Ottawa and doesn’t know much about Alberta.

Former prime minister Stephen Harper has made the headlines on Saturday as he endorsed Jason kenney to take over from Rachel Notley as the next premier of Alberta in 2019, I say this because I’m confident Rachel Notley and her NDP will NOT get re-elected and will become a blip in the radar for the future generation with a name for themselves and the dictatorship that brought Alberta to it’s knees with record debt and job losses, some could blame the oil prices, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, facts don’t care about your opinion.

Stephen Harper addressed the conservative party at the Calgary stampede Saturday night in Calgary as he thanked Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose and gave his approval for kenney as the next leader.

“This province is the beating heart of the Canadian conservative movement,” Harper said.

“That unity has remained elusive here in Alberta,” he said.

He added Kenney has proven himself a principled conservative “time and time” again.

Ambrose echoed the support, saying she’s behind both the movement to unite the right in Alberta — and Kenney’s bid.

“He is the right person to lead this movement forward for the PC Party, I know he is,” Ambrose said.

She said he’s hard-working, principled and compassionate, and has the best interests of Albertans at heart.

 The conservative movement in Canada is strong, “coast to coast to coast,” Ambrose said.
Kenney later thanked Harper for standing up for him via Twitter.

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