Toronto man under suspicion of terrorism become a free man with a signature

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All it takes is a signature to be released back into the public in Canada if you’re under suspicion of terrorism. 

Kadir Abdul, 27, was arrested at Pearson airport when he returned from Turkey on April 15, he signed a peace bond with special conditions for a period of one year, some of those conditions include he cannot be on the internet unless he’s being supervised, and he cannot have a passport or weapons. 

Have you ever heard of the term “when there’s a will, there’s a way” with 2016 technology there’s many ways to hide yourself from the Internet, one way is to go onto the dark web, that’s where criminals mastermind their behaviour, it’s so well hidden the police can’t access some exclusive places on the dark web, I strongly suggest you don’t try and go there if you don’t have the knowledge it takes to stay hidden, that’s why it’s called the dark web. 

If you promote peace with people who support ISIS, it could come back and bite you in the bum, just ask the United States. 

This is sorta the way ISIS leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who the United States released from their custody on “good behaviour” and now claim he has been killed, “twice”.

There’s enough evidence against this man to put him behind bars for a long time, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promotes peace, I’m not against that at all, and neither are Canadians, but you can’t try and force peace with groups associated and follow ISIS. 

Abdul lives in a Toronto apartment building linked to a Canadian extremist believed to have died. According to leaked ISIL documents, a Bangladeshi-Canadian named Abdul Malik entered ISIL territory in July 2014. The contact number listed on his ISIL form matches a land line in Kadir Abdul’s building.

What’s your thoughts on this? Should this man be detained and brought in front of intelligence agencies? 

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