Canadians have joined ISIS, and Interviewing a ISIS Jihadist

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Its never a pleasure to hear what Jihadists have to say about the Islamic State and their group. 

Threats are aimed at Canada and NATO, many have joined ISIS including Canadians, here a video from a Canadian who joined ISIS, WATCH: 

Jihadists need permission from their leaders to chat to the media, or interview type arrangements including those on Facebook chat. 

This one via liveleak.

“This is Jihad – it’s a pleasure you can’t even find in a hotel in Tel Aviv”: – Rabia Shahada from Nazareth,Israel, joined Daesh two years ago. He talked about what motivated him to join the Islamist organization, and what life is like as a jihadist on the front lines in Iraq in an exclusive interview with Ynet last month. 

The following is a transcript of the interview held over Facebook Messenger: 
Hassan Shaalan (Ynet reporter): Hello

Rabia Shahaha: Hello and blessings be upon you

Shaalan: I wanted to ask about the questions I sent you. You told me a while ago that you want to answer them and send them to me.

Shahada: My dear friend I haven’t had time. And they (Daesh leadership –ed) haven’t permitted me, especially in light of the uptickin fighting on the borders of Fallujah.

Shaalan: Ok, however you wish. Is there a chance that you can send me the answers in the next few days?

Shahada: It’s really crazy here. We’re going to continue until we die. If god wants me to stay alive, you’ll know. I ask for your prayers.

Shaalan: What do you mean you’re going to continue until you die?

Shahada: It means either god will help us, or we will die.

Shaalan: Are you guys under threat?

Shahada: There’s no threat god willing. This is Jihad – it’s a pleasure you can’t even find in a hotel in Tel Aviv. And this is despite the 66 country coalition – including Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The brothers – may god bless them – are holding steady despite their small numbers. The war is still going on. We have left Fallujah for the outskirts of the city. God willing we’ll be in touch.

At least 40 Arabs from Israel have joined the ranks of Daesh since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. There have been 5 killed so far in the fighting, including one killed a month ago. 

Justin Trudeau and the United States claim there’s no war between Isis and the safety of the west, but there clearly is, although Isis is somewhat smaller than last year, it only takes one to kill more than 80 people as we seen in France late Thursday night. 

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