Trudeau at Calgary Stampede “Can I get a ya-hoo?” HELL NO

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put on some boots and a cowboy hat as he met with fans in Calgary for the Stampede, but are they really his fans? What would happen if the Stampede was in Edmonton? 

What an amazing pleasure it is for me to be back, every year at Stampede … to celebrate the Greatest Show on Earth, to celebrate the friendliest, happiest week in all of Canada here at Stampede,” said Trudeau to loud applause and whistles.

Earlier this year Justin Trudeau left Edmonton out of the extended EI benefits that Rachel Notley asked for, Trudeau said the left out regions should be happy they didn’t get harder, it took the biggest disaster in Alberta history (Fort McMurray fire) for Trudeau to extend EI for regions he left out. 

Albertas are not big fans of the liberal and their leader, the few that cheered him on in Calgary are hard to find in Alberta, a recent poll publishing by the Toronto Star said Trudeau has support all over Canada except Alberta. 

In this video Trudeau clearly shows his hate for Alberta. 

Trudeau thinks he has support in Alberta, but his anti-pipeline and hate for Alberta proves otherwise. 

So can Trudeau get a ya-hoo? I say HELL NO, share and comment your thoughts.