Trudeau pissed off the Russian Embassy by siding with NATO after Nice attacks, Dion reassures Canadians

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The Turkish military has surrendered to the Turkey government after an attempt to take over the country, 2800 army personal have been detained according to last reports heard, people are unsure what’s going on and are confused, many think the Turkish government has ties with Islamic State.

Some of the Turkish military said they are attempting a coup to restore human rights, but have failed and asked for surrender terms, report say ISIS has celebrated the failed coup. 

Many Canadians are stuck in Turkey and the war that now seems to be over and has killed 140 people overnight, Justin Trudeau informs Canadians stuck there to stay inside, Stephan Dion reassured them with a tweet, but will it really help? Maybe he should put up or shut up. 

Trudeau made a statement after Turkey government gained back control of the country from the military. 

“We stand with Turkey, a strong partner and NATO ally, as it recovers from these unsettling events. We are confident that the government and the people of Turkey will persevere against these challenges in an orderly and peaceful manner.” 

The Russian embassy had some things to say about Canada and the liberal government after the attacks in Nice, France. 

“Terrorist attack in Nice – another wake up call to join efforts in fighting real threat, not NATO-devised phantoms,” said the Russian Embassy in Canada Friday morning.

Which side are you on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? There’s obviously evidence out there that NATO is a waste of money and is surely not the way to fight terrorism, how many more people will have to lose their lives? 

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