Trudeau promises “sunny ways ahead” for Alberta at Stampede, gets booed 

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The media said Justin Trudeau is getting cheered on in Calgary and getting invited with open arms, true or false? 

Trudeau promised sunny ways for Alberta and the future, sunny ways or gloomy ways? So far Trudeau has given Alberta gloomy ways. 

Trudeau told a crowd in Calgary:

“We know things haven’t been easy here in Alberta and after years and years of Alberta doing great and supporting the rest of the country, it’s time for the rest of the country to be supporting Alberta,” he said to cheers before going to flip pancakes.

“But I’ll tell you the truth, I know Calgarians, I know Albertans, you don’t need a lot of support. You guys are doing great, you’re picking yourselves up again after a slump. We’re seeing a tremendous dynamism and positivity and once again we’re just glad to be celebrating together.”

The media says Trudeau got cheers from the crowd, but people booed him as they remember the harm Trudeau has done. 

A columnist from the Calgary Herald was quick to condemn the booing.

It’s no surprise Trudeau got booed when he says he knows Albertans and we don’t need a lot of support, we actually don’t need your support but would appreciate it, many are out of jobs, including myself, pipeline approvals are in your hands. 

Don’t promise sunny ways of there ain’t gonna be none.