You won’t believe what Muslims want to do with the Canadian Flag now

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A rich Canadian Muslim want to put the Canadain Flag in front of every single Mosque in Canada, The 39-year-old Jawad Rathore said he’s proud to be Muslim.

 “For the first time ever, it’s kind of cool to be Muslim.” He said.

Macleans reported:

Jawad Rathore wants to see a big Canadian flag flying from a prominently positioned flagpole in front of every mosque in the country to send the simple message that Muslims are proud Canadians.

The real estate development executive pitched the idea this week in a suburban Toronto banquet hall to a crowd of about 700 supporters of The Canadian-Muslim Vote, a non-partisan organization that made its mark by campaigning to boost turnout among Muslim voters in last fall’s federal election.

Is this the way the Liberals are going to win a second term? Yes they will if they have the Muslim vote, nearly every Muslim is in favour of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals because he gives them all the benefits they need to be here in Canada, radicalized or not. 

Only 46 percent of Muslims voted in the 2011 election, and that number skyrocketed to 79 percent in 2015 when Trudeau and the liberals got elected, by 2019 there will be 200,000 more Muslims in Canada, and the Muslims who will cast their ballots will be near 100 percent. 

The Muslim-vote group wants to start putting up flags by October this year, debate this and comment your thoughts, do you agree?

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