REVEALED: Here’s why the left and Liberals support radical Islam

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The left support radical Islam to try and convert them to peace, peace is hard to find from radical Islam, they don’t surrender, they never have and will die before they surrender to peace. 

Radical Muslims and the left have the same purpose in life, the left wants to tear down western civilization because they think it’s unequal, the radical Muslims want to tear down western civilization because they think it’s evil says Ben Shapiro, a right-wing conservative editor at Daily Wire.

The left and radical Muslims wanting to tear down western civilization, is not the problem, it’s where they take it from there he adds. 

The left usually ends up siding with the worlds worst human beings such as ISIS because they live to make the world equal, no matter who it is, even if your best friend got beheaded yesterday, the left (liberals) will find anyway to blame the victim, the left live up to this principle “the equality of life is all that matters in life.”

The left hates the rich and loves small businesses, why? Because small businesses are usually family run and owned, but don’t the rich have family too? The left doesn’t believe this, therefore the rich are not equal to the left. 

Do a Google search on Ben Shapiro, he has hundreds of hours of video on his speeches with the public and many articles that should open your eyes. 

The left will always be controversial, at the end of the day they want peace with people who don’t surrender to peace, but their hope will forever stay alive, even if it costs many more lives, and there’s nothing we can do about it except wake up and vote for the right parties. Share and comment your thoughts.