Trudeau will present Carbon Tax this Fall, sucks to be Canadian

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The next three years are going to suck for Canadians, there will be more lost jobs, more lost revenue and more terror attacks, with the liberals in power the future is easily predictable, so yeah, it will suck to be Canadian, except not for the uneducated leftist.

This fall Trudeau is planning to present carbon taxes across Canada according to Toronto Sun:

Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna said Friday the Trudeau government will present its plan for a uniform, national carbon price this fall, as part of a larger package of climate change initiatives.

“What we want to see is uniformity in terms of a national price,” McKenna said in an interview with Danielle Bochove of Bloomberg TV Canada. “We need a national price on carbon, so that’s what we are going to have … in the fall.”

So what does that mean? It means hold onto your wallets, cause shits about to hit the fan, the liberals are risking their support from the working man Canadian, it will increase the cost of living, increase gas prices, and property taxes, these are among the few of many expenses you will have increased.

Rachel Notley has made the mistake and has lost support, her support continues to go down-hill, people don’t realize this until they have to make that transaction, the moment the teller at the gas station asks them, “cash or debit?” that’s when the left realize they’ve made a mistake.

Carbon pricing will become just another cash grab, it will take thousands of years before the money spent now on Carbon prices will take affect, and it will cost not Millions, it will cost Trillions, we’re in the path of destruction, our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences if we don’t wake up soon.

So we say, at this time it sucks to be Canadian, but I’m still proud of it and forever will be.