Trudeau talks to France about Terrorism, but it’s all lies

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke today with the President of France, François Hollande. 

France has been suffering major terrorist attacks over the last two years, the recent one just last week as 84 people lost their lives as a truck plowed through a crowd of 30,000 celebrating Bastille Day. 

Trudeau offered his condolences to the France President and they made agreements to continue to fight terrorism. 

Now let’s back up, Trudeau and the France President agreed to continue to fight terrorism? The Trudeau government pulled jets out of Syria, so that’s a full blown lie, they basically lied and said they will continue to promote peace, that’s what liberals do, they try and negotiate peace with terrorism. 

If we haven’t learned yet, how many dead bodies will it take before the left realizes we can’t promote peace with terrorists? Justin Trudeau is the worst candidate to choose to fight a war with radicals who don’t care for peace and human rights. 

Trudeau once said “If you kill your enemies they win”

The fight with this war “we don’t have against ISIS” as Trudeau said, will be here forever, or at least while the liberals are in power, which could very well be for another seven years. Brace yourself Canada.